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SUMMARY: Mr. Jensen was born and raised in Denmark. There he studied at an embroidery school, he did one year in a graphic design school and two years in tailoring school. Eventuallly, he received his BA in fashion design at the Denmark’s Design School. Jensen later received a master’s degree from Central Saint Martins College in London. After graduating, Jensen immediately started to produce his collections. You can find his distinctive clothing in many boutiques around the world. You can find his apparel at upscale online retailers and shopping portals. Jensen is known to have fashioned Nicole Kidman.

FROM THE BLOGS: Yoko Ono? Why Yoko Ono? Or stop and think about it. Why not Yoko Ono? This designer is part of the creative aristocracy and when you are part of the creative aristocracy, why should there be a limit on your artistic freedom? If Yoko Ono is what inspires you, then by all means, go with it. He has even hired twentysomething year old Yoko Ono doubles to model his lines. There's even a slideshow of the models and fashions on I can tell you though, that I am not a fan of the nylon double stocking thing. It looks a little like an elderly person who doesn't get out quite enough. Apparently, Yoko Ono is the latest in a long line of muses for this designer. His other inspirations are Diana Ross, Sissy Spacek and Cindy Sherman. Who is Cindy Sherman? He seems to have other possible candidates for museship with Lena Dunham making a strong push for contention. Elsewhere, there is a review of this designer's Diana Ross-inspired line on the Honey Kennedy blog. I do not know if Honey Kennedy is the blogger's real name, but I think it's brilliant in terms of getting attention on the internet. There's no slideshow, but along with the Yoko Ono presentation, it pays great homage to the Sixties. Just as an aside, there is also a famous retired Archbishop in Sydney, Australia by this name. You might only find this useful if you are Anglican, but it always good to toss in a slice of life.