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SUMMARY: Mr. Ellis, originally from Virginia, started his fashion career in department store retailing. He became known for his original, sophisticated designs which became modern classics. Along with being recipient of many awards during his lifetime, he also had a prestigious award was named in his honor. His clothing line was founded in 1980. It's best known for men's sportswear and it has expanded over time to include womenswear, fragrances, shoes and children's apparel. The company distributes to regional, national and international department stores and can be found on most major shopping portals.

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, I just assumed that all the blog search would be related to this iconic clothing brand. There was a time, and it might have passed, where the name of this brand was mentioned in the same breath as Ralph Lauren might have mentioned. So I would have assumed that this would have been one of those brands that absolutely dominates the first page of Google Blog search results. But this brand was beaten out by a basketball player. Yes, there is a basketball player with this name who places higher on the first page of Google blog search results. He must catch an awful lot of flack about his name in the locker room. When the time comes to get to the actual brand, the first two posts are strictly corporate financials and they don't even mention clothing. I think that some clothing brands get so big that their business news seems to become more important than their product-related news. I can imagine that the fun of building a brand has long left by that point. By the time that you get to posts that discuss product, they come from posts on blogs that have more to do with bargain shopping, than they do with apparel or fashion. My uneducated guess from blog searching is that brands that are timeless, put the work into keeping to their image current, and I don't see that work put in with this brand.