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SUMMARY: When we think of fashion designers, some of us think only of women. They dominate the fashion industry, the more enlightened of us recognize the significant contribution of dominant male fashion designers, like Halston, for example. Smith is another male fashion designer who designs clothes for both men and women. His fall selection seems to be quite popular. He mostly designs clothes for for retail consumers but he also does personal designer work for high-status individuals on occasion. He is also known for creating and marketing perfume and has at least one major perfume "Rose" on the market.

FROM THE BLOGS: Paul Smith"s introduction into fashion} was completely unintended. At the age of sixteen, with no career plans or skills, Paul Smith was propelled by his father right into a menial job at the local clothing warehouse in his native Nottingham. However his actual passion was sport and his ambition was to develop into a professional racing bike owner, until age 17 years when cycling mad Paul was in a horrible} accident.

The brand, which|wherein the designer nonetheless holds a majority share of 60 percent is represented in {seventy two international locations and with 14 completely different collections.

His hands-on training continued when, after a hospital to recuperate from injuries after a major bike accident, he made the acquaintance of lady in a bar and offered to help her handle a store she was hoping to open. “She did not actually know the best way to do it and I said that I did. I was being a bit cheeky, but I had labored in a boutique earlier than my accident. Through that, I discovered things like tips on how to do a lease, see a solicitor and find shop| with a property agent — and then set up the shop and determine things like where the cash register goes.

Mr. Smith has a capability to anticipate and even set off trends, not only in fashion but within the wider context of popular culture. This designer manages to transmit a genuine sense of humor and mischief mixed together with his love of tradition and the classics. This is evident within the overall look of his footwear, ladies apparel, swimwear and socks.