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SUMMARY: Mr. Frank, a cartoonist, showcases his creativity on his clothing. Julius the monkey is one of the best known trademarks from this label as it is featured on much of his clothing line. The collection features everything from designer sweatshirt and jackets, to t-shirts, jeans, backpacks, purses, and so much more. Celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Jessica Simpson have been seen wearing fashions from this line. While definitely stylish enough for the stars to wear these fashions, they are decently priced and affordable for most people. You usually won't see an item in this collection for more than $75.00.

FROM THE WEB: Paul Frank , designer of the ever present monkey-printed tees we used to purchase at Delia's, has offended many after internet hosting a Native American culture-themed get together full with tomahawks, feathered headdresses and drinks just like the "Rain Dance Refresher."

Whereas Paul Frank is not a name that is sometimes associated with winter sports, its model is capable of making some very good looking, and excessive performance skis. If you're anxious about their construction, you shouldn't be. Whereas we're not allowed to tell you where these skis are made, we assure you that they are made in the same manufacturing unit as some of the different skis listed on our website, and so they promise to be quality. So in the event you like the thought of wanting down at your skis to see a pleasant monkey staring back at you, then bounce on a pair of their Skis!

Indeed, you may be questioning what the deal with profits is right here, since it was earlier that the designers “consulted” without spending a dime. On the event it was revealed that the designers themselves will obtain the profits from the new line, but also that a lot of the work in regards to the manufacturing and creation of the gadgets was left to the artists. This wasn't out of the norm for the female designers, since none of their work can easily be mass-produced. Nonetheless, the objects showcasing the graphics that the male designers created primarily needed to be outsourced for mass manufacturing.