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SUMMARY: Many women can remember a time when they shuddered at the choice of sweatsuit their husband donned for a workout or day of chores, but few have the vision and business savvy to translate that shudder into a fashion empire as Patrizia Bambi did in 1993. The mother and accountant recounts taking one look at her husband’s red sweat suit and finding the inspiration to create a line of fashionable sportswear. From that first foray into designing, this label was born. Headquartered in Florence, the company is still led by Bambi who aims to create wearable clothes for today’s working woman. Inspired by personal style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Bambi’s designs blend modern details with classic lines. Her brands of mens, womens and junior girl’s apparel are available at Christabelle’s Closet and other online retailers. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Vintage Wedding Dresses – A Perfect Dress for Brides

Author: Lanvinia Louis

With vintage wedding dresses you are able to enjoy not only the perfect dress to flatter your figure but also walk down the aisle with a taste of history. If you are having a wedding soon or you know of someone who is searching for that perfect dress for their upcoming event then you have quite an array of dresses from which to choose. Like any sector of the fashion industry, wedding dresses change with time and culture.  Wedding dresses are something that symbolizes more than just fashion; it symbolizes love and commitment to another human being.  The vintage wedding dresses are nothing short of spectacular when it comes to the time and effort put into the styles and designs.

In Indo-China, red was often the color chosen by the bride as it symbolized good luck.  In Japanese culture, the bride would often wear white.  The reason the Japanese bride wore white was to symbolize the death to her family and the joining of her soul to her husband.  As you see, white was the color that symbolized death in Japanese culture.  In Indian culture, vintage wedding dresses were often the Sari, which went over the shoulder. The color was most often red with the fabric being woven silk.  In China, elaborate head pieces were word with one or two piece silk gown. 

For thousands of years, weddings dresses have been a symbol of one\'s wealth and social standing.  The more wealthy, powerful, and affluent a family joining was the more elaborate and exotic the wedding dress became.  It took a queen of England to change the way wedding dresses were worn in the modern western world.  It wasn\'t until around 1840 that Queen Victoria married in a white wedding dress.  It was a highly publicized event and the pictures of the Queen in her white gown circulated around the globe.  In the west, brides began choosing white dresses based on the pictures they had seen of the Queen.  White vintage dresses also have ties with Christian Church, as young woman first wore a white dress at their first communion.  Since white became the popular color of wedding dress, for the past 150 years, it seems that only style and design have changed in western wedding dresses.  The vintage styles of dresses are still being used today, as it is not uncommon for a wedding dress to be passed down from mother to mother.

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