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SUMMARY: The name of the label combines the names of the two designers Pamella DeVos and Ron Leal. Leal had already designed a women’s wear collection under his own name. Pamela DeVos asked Leal to design a collection with her. She wanted fashions that help those that don't have time to worry about what they wear. DeVos takes care of the business end of the design business and is the co-designer. Ron Leal is the main designer of the label. Leal began his design career in Milan. He is known for his sportswear and evening wear design collection. He was excited to design with Ms. DeVos creating a new line and label and the partnership has lasted thus far.


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This designer's Pre Fall 2014 is a fantastic example of creativity in fashion. This collection combines a creative interpretation of an animal print with refined examples of after 5 night styles. The palette is predominantly neutral however punctuated with rich crimson, deep burgundy, and even an occasional violet and illuminated with silver or gold and Pamella's signature sequins.

Roland believes in the power of connecting with the buyer, listening to her wants, and continuing to supply her with the styles she is searching for to make a comfortable buy. Roland describes the lady wearing her clothes as assured and busy with exceptional style, a lady who calls for a versatile wardrobe wherein she feels polished and impeccable without forsaking her sensuality and femininity. “This lady needs to look put collectively however does not have the time to put on anything too fussy,” says Roland.

Lord & Taylor's vice chairman and trend director of girls's prepared-to-put on Stephanie Solomon, will host this designer and Nigel Barker, photographer/host of “The Face,” for the launch of the Pamella by, P.R. dress assortment in New York Metropolis. The occasion will feature a Q&A between Pamella and Nigel introducing the gathering. Following the Q&A, customers could have the opportunity to fulfill and take photos with Pamella and Nigel.