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SUMMARY: This prominent Italian fashion desginer label is known for its shoes and accessories as well as its prominent dagger logo. It started as a shoe company founded in 1948 by the father, Giuseppe, and grew into the corporate giant of today, run by the son, Cesare. They are, at least partially, responsible for revolutionizing the men's footwear field. They featured a wide selection of footwear that was very different from the classical type of footwear of that time. Most of the shoes were designed by Dagger, a branch of the corporation responsible for choosing the company's official symbol. Today, they continue to design men's labels, although they have expanded their lines to include women as well. Online, this label is interesting in that you will see a huge selection at places like eBay and Bizrate/Shopzilla, both of which I recommend browsing, and nothing at Amazon which generally carries most brands.

FROM THE WEB: This brand's men's sneakers from the newest sells only authentic shoes and handbags from this brand, shipped straight from Italy of their own authentic packing containers and with the authenticity card. This label was started in 1948 beginning the production of males's classic shoes line, all handmade with a selected attention to particulars. In 1980 the small firm became bigger and thhis label grew to become a trademark. In 1990 it begins to provide stunning handmade Paciotti women's shoes beginning to spread all around the world. In the new millennium born the new sport line "4 US" which grew to become very popular for being glamour and vogue oriented.

This designer was born from a marriage between Cecilia and Giuseppe Paciotti in Civitanova Marche , a small city in the province of Macerata in central Italy (on the east side facing the Adriatic sea). His father had begun a shoe firm in 1948. Young Cesare studied on the prestigious DAMS (Drama, Artwork and Music Studies) diploma course of the University of Bologna after which travelled all over the world before inheriting the family enterprise in 1980. He took the main inventive role at the newly renamed firm, while his sister Paola taken care of operational issues. He has two children, Ludovica and Giuseppe from his first spouse and a three year old from his second marriage.