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SUMMARY:When you think about streetwear, you think about things like non-conformity, rebellion and freedom, which makes it interesting that the Obey brand chose its current name. It’s was also interesting to read their slogan regarding how this brand is about dissent. There’s an interview with the founder,who was critized as being too commercial for creating a line of t-shirts to go along with his street art campaing. In the interview, he artfully justifies himself by responding that he’s always created t-shirts and their irreverent style is compatible with his artistic sensibilities. Smooth, huh?

If you want to purchase some of his irreverence, you probably should head to Amazon. Both Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla are heavily discounting this brand and in a comparison of common items with the top eBay sellers, Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla are cheaper by 50 percent in some cases. I would normally direct you to Bizrate/Shopzilla because their search results include Amazon and that’s true in this case. However, I did see at least one of the Obey shirts for which Bizrate/Shopzilla used a listing from Karmaloop.com that was more expensive than what Amazon was charging for the same item. How irreverent of me to point that out.


Obey clothes for men was founded on the concept of artwork and design. Taking cues from popular tradition, industrial advertising and marketing and political messaging, Obey steeps its ideology and iconography in self empowerment by means of its males's clothing collection. Their store sells quite a lot of Obey T shirts.

OBEY clothing was launched in 2001 when Shepard Fairey noticed clothes as a chance to be inventive on many ranges and t-shirts as one other canvas for his graphics. Working closely with style designers Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall, Fairey interprets his philosophy of art and private influences into a model that speaks to many various genres. Because of the variety of influences, OBEY addresses many various kinds and approaches, hitting on appearances which are each traditional and vogue influenced.