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SUMMARY: British artist Nora Fok makes probably the most wonderful sculptured art jewellery out of very thin strands of microfilaments. These are troublesome to work with and but she manages to knit and knot the strands into stunning botanical-impressed jewellery.

Nora Fok's intricate three dimensional jewels show her mastery of knitting and weaving in filament, her vivid appreciation of color and her potential to seize the fragility and transient fantastic thing about nature. She has written that she has ‘always had an affinity with her favorite material because of its distinctive qualities, light in weight, translucent, warm to the contact. It can be dyed and pigmented and is robust, turning into appropriate to wear when transformed into jewelry'. This ring, a part of her series that was impressed by the species of cornflower ‘Centaurea cyanus' which flower in her backyard during the summer time.

Nora Fok creates wearable objects of artwork from dyed nylon that she knits, knots, ties and weaves. Fok works with non-precious materials to emphasize craft and artistry fairly than the stones or treasured metals that often dominate conventional jewellery. The Calculator neck piece (left) and Mobius Fungus bracelet , exhibit the intricacy and creativity of Fok's work. Go to the Mobilia Gallery to s ee a group of Fok's inventive jewellery that was inspired by the glass flower collection at Harvard's Museum of Pure History

Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her concepts in a private and distinctive approach. She has a unique ability to translate concepts into pleasant delicate and intricate compositions which one instantly associates with her.

Some have been aware of Nora Fok for a while as the constructive nature of her work significantly appeals to them as does her in depth examine of self-taught hand techniques equivalent to knitting, knotting, tying, weaving, plaiting. Her craft is truly pioneering together with her creation of delicate, intricate varieties from monofilament. It's fascinating to study of the path and artistic improvement which led her to this point, from her initial tedious factory work which gave her an initial perception into development to her incredibly advanced collaborative laptop aided design work with her son.