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SUMMARY: Possibly best known for cutting edge, trend forward swimwear, Ms. Kamali also designs apparel that stresses innovation, comfort, high style and ease of care. Her “SLEEPING BAG” Coats, swim gowns and use of poly-lycra jersey are iconic in the fashion industry. With a nod to the stylish 1930's, current collections include silk satin gowns, feathers and fringe, bias cut and body conscious but comfortable and wearable. After numerous awards in fashion, architecture and interior design, the newest innovation is a homeopathic treatment line based on Olive oil sold under the OLIVE YOU label. Kamali also produces an affordable signature line for WAL-MART stores.

FROM THE WEB: Norma Kamali has been a fixture on the fashion scene because the late '60s and exhibits no signal of disappearing. The designer of "the sleeping bag coat" and Farah Fawcett's pink bikini just launched Kamali Kulture, a new line of effectively lower fundamentals underneath $a hundred.

Her marriage to Eddie Kamali ends. She leaves him the boutiques in addition to their dwelling. “I had to depart,” she later says. “I was totally dependent. I did not have my own identification, I didn't have my own credit card, I did not have anything—except my suitcase and $96 within the financial institution.” 7 A simple crimson one-piece swimsuit called the Slip maillot turns into a sensation when grinning actress Farrah Fawcett sports it on a best-selling, period-defining poster. The Charlie's Angels personal eye will turn out to be a faithful buyer for years. (“She had a profound impression that was higher than just the TV-star impression,” Kamali will later say. “Her hairstyle, her look, her whole persona embodied the entire female of the 1970s.”

In 2006, she revisited the jersey wardrobe concept and produced an reasonably priced assortment, Norma Kamali Timeless, completely for the Spiegel catalog and Instructive videos have been provided on the web site showing the many ways the pieces may very well be worn. She used this same concept in 2008 for an even lower priced collection for Wal-Mart stores. A $30 trench coat from that collection was voted Greatest Journey Trend in Journey + Leisure magazine in 2009.