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SUMMARY: This is a new fashion label based in London with Jonathan Hudson as the head fashion designer. Whimsical and eccentric are the best words to describe these fashions that look like they could supply a hip hop entourage. Bold and colorful with a gimmick of matching masks for each garment, Hudson made his runway debut in 2008 in London.

Hudson models his fashions in a manner to encourage his audience to emulate the same style but with their own finds, rather than sell his own fashions in a high end department store or boutique. With the fashion name spelled backwards, Hudson is indeed creating an icon that is part of the current look among urban wearers.

FROM THE WEB: As seems to happen way too often on this website, I have come across another brand which is talked about way too little on the web, thus making it a challenge to provide relevant information here. Thus, I provide instead information I have found that may or not be relevant but features the brand's name. Please take from this what benefits you and I hope you find this information helpful in your shopping endeavours.:

Hudson continues to be waging his own struggle on mass-produced style for over 10 years. This label seeks to challenge their viewer as well as the person by right into a fresh trend principle -appropriation, employing recognisable iconography and fabrics, generally rearranging the information preserving it 100% Cottoned On, protest robust. The NHS collection for 123 Store is really a constant work in progress, produced from an archive of fourteen years, customising itself to the pattern for the future of the label.

Thus even though you generally wear garments just like they are around the designer (that we doubt because so many designs are trained down around 90% before showing about the high street) you can rest assured you will never be required to wear these beauties, ha ha! Into reusing our personal or other folksis discarded items creating them into another thing the custom seeks to motivate us, the customer. I believe the NOKI patterns are amazing. Appreciate NOKI.