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Shopzilla/Bizrate - Nixon clothing

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SUMMARY:Oh I just know that this must be streetwear that was named “ Nixon “ for the irony, right? Actually, this company makes apparel and accessories for the surf culture and has a decent following and one SLICK myspace page. This is another one of the companies whose social network marketing is so in-depth that you can get caught up reading about them and forgetting that they have products to sell.

If you actually want to buy Nixon apparel and other items, I recommend Amazon, but barely. I was actually able to find a small retailer that beat Amazon, Bizrate/Shopzilla and even the top eBay power sellers for certain Nixon apparel and other items on price. Where Amazon wins is that it offers a free trial on Amazon Prime which offers free two day shipping and no minimum purchase. The small retailer offers free shipping for over a seventy-nine dollar purchase. Big shopping portal wins again.

FROM THE WEB: Nixon watches had been born out of the frustration of having to find quality watches that would maintain up in high-stress work and play environments. Nixon has hand-picked the perfect skate boarders, snowboarders, and surfers and labored with this elite group to let their views affect each assortment. The result's a loyal following of boarders, athletes, and rock stars who come to Nixon for custom-constructed, group-designed watches and different items that speak for themselves.

Lively lifestyles demand watches that can sustain with those leading them. Nixon proudly recommends their Surf and Tide line for anyone who can't sit nonetheless because they are busy residing the life they love. Sustain with the changing tides with the 42-20 Tide Watch Water resistance, a customized chrome steel band, and simply read sub dials hold you on top of every thing a wrist can possibly tell you. A traditional type infused with comfortable performance spotlight the Rubber 51-30 Watch. Some think that the countdown timer and wave counter make the Nixon Housing Watch one you may depend on.