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SUMMARY: Some of the hottest celebrities wear this label including; Christina Aguilera, Nikki Hilton, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, and Lindsay Lohan (maybe the last one is not so hot). One of the label's creations, the seahorse dress, is all black with what looks like splattered white paint forming the shape of two seahorses kissing - or in a heart-shaped form. A lot of this label's dresses first appear as oversized men's tank tops, so large that they form a dress for a female. Many of the graphics look vintage or retro, since they're sort of washed out. A classic example is this label's yellow Happy Face Swing Pocket Dress, which features a splattered or faded grey-black happy face on a pale yellow loose and swingy tank dress. It gives the look of being comfortable and somewhat lazy and carefree which seems to be currently fashionable in Hollywood. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Launched Lauren and by Michael, this brother and buddy team was created out in living of the pairis love of the finer points. The history in artwork of Lauren fueled the manufacturer's illustrative model which she describes as, "Effortlessly trendy using a hint of bohemian musician side." The designer outfits possess a special design that's become much sought after which is impressive considering that the brand's start. A sizable group of fans has been developed by Lauren Moshi, including many of the Earth's most watched celebrities.

This label makes limited-edition hand drawn on works of art that are a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. Moshi S Black " Chicken " longsleeve.

This label distills the best possible information on art into her clothing and accessories—loved by high-fashion publications, superstars, and perhaps you. Printed on cozy yet sophisticated essentials like long-sleeve herbs with cuff t-shirts and jersey wrap cardigans, the 2012 selection is perfect for your ex-on-the-go who appreciates the smaller things in life. Lively is indubitably inside the closets of today's best contemporary fashionistas.

By attaching with them on Facebook and Twitter you are able to stay current to the latest media and fresh arrivals at this label. Different societal platforms on which some of their attire has marketed are Facebook, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube On Facebook the business includes a big fan following backed by 203,423 likes whereas on Twitter you will find 8,515 readers associated with 3,759 tweets.