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SUMMARY: Mr. Yasuhiro is known for his unique clothing lines that display an image that he translates through the designs of each piece of clothing he has to offer. His latest collection is called “Left and Right.” He chose to convey the idea of a journey from one place to another through his collection. He used a lot of silk within his collection to exemplify the Silk Road, which is an ancient trade route that linked the West and the East. Mr. Yasuhiro has a talent that leaves you breathless and waiting for the next design that he has to offer. His designs have a perfection to them that many collections do not. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Of all collaborations that PUMA is rolling out this A/N 2014 year, Mihara Yasuhiro‘s (Tokyo) series stood out the absolute most with his edgy rock & throw types. The developer's textiles were, as usual, as promised tricks: Tweed was actually jersey, standard melton was knit, and jacquards were image-printed to check like solid artisanal sweaters (in his final menswear collection, McQueen realized the same effect). Delivered and elevated in western Japan, slinging shoes were begun by PUMA custom Mihara Yasuhiro in 1994 as a scholar at Art School. Mihara's very profitable collaboration with PUMA began in 2000 and is now in its fifth season.

Mr. Yasuhiro observed, I originate from the nation of the kimono as well as the original block style...Bryan McMahon produced common tailoring and style for the brand.” This mélange of distinct beauty was visible, and instead of being focused by sadness, the spring 2015 Miharayasuhiro menswear collection was an attractive thank you note to the affect and motivation delivered by Bryan McMahon. In 1997 his was presented by Yasuhiro'. An assortment that is truly lovely.

MY: We've been giving this assistance to the customers for a while so we can make a totally customized couple of bespoke shoes and they possibly come to the manufacturer around and discuss all the details. I cherish and really enjoy the method of building and making these shoes that are special with my acquaintances. Like, using what they don, they are able to coordinate sneakers, they're able to wear a suit with shoes.