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SUMMARY: Mr. Pena is from Puerto Rico. He began his designing career at the University of Puerto Rico before he moved to New York City to follow his dream to become a fashion designer. He attended the Parsons School of Design and earned a BFA. While in school, he was able to tailor his vision for designs by interning for people such as Alexander McQueen and Patricia Field. He became an assistant designer under David Darlymple for the House of Field where his own designs began to get noticed. He has a diverse training in the fashion world and has been obsessed with flattering any female form. He has a strong desire to represent many different female perspectives. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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I'm attracted by contrast in life and clothing,” says Peña, pointing out the parallel contrast in Otero's and Skoch's backgrounds. But as much as the designer admires others, Skoch and Otero are committed to establishing their names. FIT's annual fashion show is supported by a $2 million gift from alumnus Calvin Klein, and the company he founded, Calvin Klein, Inc. Miguel (Peña) is the one carrying most of the water. When Miguel and Olivia's paths cross, the die is cast.

When Miguel Peña introduced his first signature collection this year, he had all the ingredients for a successful new fashion company: appealing designs, professional connections, a soaring studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and a pair of photogenic business partners. In April, Paper magazine included the threesome in its Beautiful People issue, and last week Bloomingdale's dedicated its windows on Lexington Avenue to Mr. Peña, 27, heralding his arrival at the store.

His label, Grey Line Map is a lifestyle brand based in New York City offering clothing for Men and Women with a penchant for unique style and design. In cartography, a Grey Line Map positions the imaginary band that separates the light from darkness around the earth. Grey Line Map's S/S 2013 line, in particular, made a singulary powerful impression. It's definitely worth checking out.