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SUMMARY: Mr. Adrover is the American dream come true. He was raised on a farm in his home country and left school at the age of 12 to help his family. Soon he became interested in fashion. He is a self-taught designer with an eco-friendly vision.

This label has a limited retail presence online, including even eBay. This is most likely due to some of the well-publicized business challenges he's faced in recent years. It may be worthwhile to Google him to check the label's current status. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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There are reports that the Spanish designer Miguel Adrover and Natur, a German mail-order model have joined up to build a clothing line, that will be launched online in July. Mr. Adrover resurrected his business and continued featuring, including what was his latest variety and adding his types in a particular shop at Bendel. Within the late-1990s, he demonstrated a collection that tore aside vogue's holy cattle, and subsequently, had an amazing declione after he lost his economic backing. But over the years Adrover turned something like the artist who cried wolf.

September 2001 Miguel presents his fifth selection named "Utopia" a story encouraged around the globe from the mixing of areas and several cultures. Oct 2001 due to the world's chaos following the September 11, the collaboration with Pegasus Clothing was dissolved. It had been terrible timing Adrover confesses.

Presented his lack about the style landscape that is National, many may assume Adrover simply retired unceremoniously, in fact, he is experiencing a healthy resurgence designing for German collection name Hessnatur, for whom he creates preferred eco-friendly tablet collections. Adrover has also been in contact with Pratt Jennifer Minniti about his professional availability. Nevertheless, Adrover is just adored by the label whores.

Some individuals design and produce a style range and afterwards start asking themselves - ‘How am I able to generate all this stunning, edgy material in an honorable and green way?'. He switched a Burberry piece inside out and made it right into a miniskirt, and converted neighbor and author Quentin Crispis bed. the Pegasus Team quickly signed him, and Thurman of the Newest Yorker named him "a phenom." The Miguel collection debuted in May 2000 and was marketed to merchants worldwide.