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SUMMARY: This label features designs by Stephanie Schur. She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California. Following that, Stephanie and her husband Jordan Schur created their line of clothing, now based in Los Angeles. The line is available at Saks Fifth Avenue and at boutiques in the United States, Russia and Japan. The ready-to-wear designs are simple and casual, and make use of chiffon and silk fabrics of blue, white, cream and taupe. Their dresses feature lovely shapes in an elegant and sexy style. Schur says “I am inspired by the vintage idea of detail, and handiwork.” Links to search results for this label are below:

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The Michon collection sent its audience into a Western yard, one dotted with charming blossom trees. My opinion, I do believe she's the potential of making an impact in the NY fashion world.

The series for fall of Schur was a windy event. The walkway was adorned with larger than life photographs of lovely western cherry blooms, which also featured the pocket-sized function of present pamphlet. Irina Lazareanu began the show sporting a cotton linen, my favorite model flower print strapless gown with bustier. Along with palette contained whites blues, creams and taupes and was a lot of crinkly cotton linen everywhere.

(From an anomymous online reviewer):

Haven't heard about the new Schur label? As it is not of course, and like I can not afford another footwear I have numerous others to wear alternatively. I'm dependent on them, I'm worried that certain time they'll break apart in public areas. Then one day out of the blue these were ultimately on-sale. I guess these were made for someone who walks on carpets all day.

Later Thursday evening, refreshing designer Schur was moved to present her modern, elegant and relaxed types. Ivory ruffle-sleeve silk shirts, light-blue petite dresses, cotton and silver bustier clothes, baby doll dresses with puffy sleeves and lovely white lace dresses could seem great on superstars like Kirsten Dunst and Mischa Barton, who only been resting while in the front row. Privately, it was one of my favorite displays of Fashion-Week.