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SUMMARY: You have to give this label some credit for having the cojones to put a suit that looks like something out of Guys and Dolls on their website. Although if you are a gangster or gangster wannabe in real life, then this might be the tailor for you because you could see this type of clothing on a young John Gotti contemporary, if they had a taste for corduroy. But to be honest, I actually like this label's style. Maybe I'm jealous that I could never be cool enough to wear them convincingly. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Now, by having an exclusive relationship a renown match producer, with the Hartz Organization, Michael Wesetly Menswear has a stable foothold in the fashion world. As the artist has revealed his work in Asia Europe and South America since 2003, looking at his slide 2006 assortment you would certainly be hard pressed to believe he is a style expert.

Being one of few men's wear designers to exhibit while in the womens'wear dominated tents; the fairly new designer was in good company together with the likes of men's use makers John Bartlett and John Varvatos (to name a few). The collection has obtained a strong international reputation, showing the artist generates a beautiful suit and understands how to provide a should have look for the well rounded.

Wesetly Clothing is an organization that's base in PA, at 2 Box 698 in Altoona. The 2006 line may also expose the label's denim range, which draws inspiration from the lifestyle of American people and it is the pinnacle of American trend. While visiting more than 30 nations, he studied and reviewed different men and women's fashion. This enables him to develop global fashion as well as special outfits which might be appreciated locally and to employ a piece of each tradition.

By having an international group of follo wers and pent-up need in the USA Wesetly is likely to become quite established. —You'll be reading more concerning this fantastic designer in the coming weeks.