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5 Dos and Don'ts in Wearing Ankle Boots

Author: Trenton Pace

Ankle boots are usually a good fashion choice because they can make a woman look edgy without making her seem too radical, which knee-high boots sometimes tend to do. Unfortunately, it\'s also very easy for a woman to wear her ankle boots wrong, making her seem like she\'s trying too hard or that she simply has bad fashion sense.

Hopefully, these 5 dos and don\'ts of wearing ankle boots will allow women to make ankle boots work for them -- rather than against them.

1. Don\'t hide the ankle boot.

Buying ankle boots and wearing them under full-length pants is like buying a high-grade slab of blue fin tuna and shredding it to make a tuna milkshake. Not only are you wasting what you paid for, you\'re also causing something quite distasteful.

The ankle boots will make your pants puff up around the ankles, causing your calves and thighs to look much thicker and shorter than they really are.

2. Don\'t wear ankle boots with the wrong pair of pants.

If you wear ankle boots with pants, the pants must be either cut at ankle-level or tucked into the boot.

Pants cut at ankle-level will seem like an extension of your boots, thus creating the illusion of longer and slimmer legs (especially when the boots are heeled). The same effect can be achieved by tucking pants into the ankle boots. However, the pants must be very tight (such as skinny jeans or full-length leggings) because loose pants, when tucked in, will scrunch up, again causing your legs to look thicker.

The same thickening effect will take place if the pants are cut above ankle level, rather than on the level of the ankle (such as is the case with capris) because the skin that shows in between the pants and the boots will look wide, thus making both legs look thicker.

3. Do wear ankle boots in a way that they flatter your body.

Ankle boots can work for any body type if they are worn properly. For example, women with thick calves should not wear skinny jeans tucked into ankle boots because this will make their calves look even thicker. (Actually, women with thick calves shouldn\'t wear skinny jeans at all.) Instead, they should wear their ankle boots with short shorts. Yes, short shorts will show a lot of skin, but this will give the illusion of longer, and in turn, thinner legs.

4. Do wear ankle boots with skirts.

Ankle boots cam look good with either long or short skirts. When wearing ankle boots with long skirts, the key is not to show any leg. With short skirts, it\'s important to choose narrower skirts because fuller skirts and ankle boots have a tendency to make the outfit look like its meant for a figure skater.

5. Do buy the best ankle boots that you can afford.

Ankle boots haven\'t gone out of style for many seasons, and the likelihood is that they\'ll never go out of fashion. Knowing this, it would be wise to invest in neutral-colored ankle boots (black, white, brown, beige) because you\'ll likely be able to wear them for a long time. However, if you\'re the type who likes to play around with wild-colored boots (orange, purple, neon green), consider limiting your budget for them since it\'s very likely that you\'ll wear them on only very few occasions.





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