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SUMMARY: Mary L. Couture designs beautiful formal wear for women. Her high quality designs use luxurious flowing fabrics, in a lovely variety of colors and textures. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom are among the stores which feature the Mary L. Couture line of gowns. Fabrics used include charmeuse, jersey knit, satin and chiffon, in bold colors and patterns. Greens, pinks, blues, yellow, plum, and black and white are among the colors used in the designs. Many of the dresses incorporate rhinestones, beading, and faux jewelry. There are a variety of sleek fitting, flattering styles including v-necks, halters, open backs, and strapless tops.

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How to Reinvent Yourself With Gingham Shirts

Author: Shankar

Are you bored of wearing the regular shirts in blue, whites and plains? If your answer is yes, then you surely have to get the Gingham Shirts. This article gives a fresh emphasis on the preppy clothes. Before we get in to selecting different colors, let\'s get to know a bit more on Gingham. The Ginghams were available from the year 1960s. However, they were less popular it the recent years. Ginghams fabrics are neither heavy nor light. They are classified as medium weight fabrics and are generally made from dyed cotton. The Gingham fabrics are produced by a large number of manufacturers throughout the world. In the earlier days, the Ginghams were more of striped fabric though now it is distinguished in checks or checkered patterns. The fabric balance between colored and neutral yarns was seen as being perfect for striped dress shirts. The trend was started by a French actress who wore the Gingham dress on her wedding day and it is believed that soon, there was a shortage of Gingham fabrics. These fabrics have become so popular that Manchester United, an international soccer team wore Gingham pattern checked shirts during the 2012-13 season.

Everyone loves to look their best. Ginghams are making a cameo on the fashion runways since past 2-3 years. Gingham dress shirts are in the center of every mens\' store that is worth patronizing. The dresses made from Gingham can be worn with a classy belt and can also be teamed with wedges. They are available in a plenty of shades. The best ones are those that are available in darker shades with white checks. These shirts give you an option to play safe when choosing a shirt that you need to wear to work or to dress up for a night out. You can pair the gingham with your favorite faded jeans (Well, if you think the faded jeans are still in vogue) or it can go along well with virtually everything and anything. The ginghams are making a strong statement in the board rooms too. The collars with the button down further add the glam quotient that you are always looking out. You can swap the regular ones that you wear for office wear with a trendy and bold gingham dress. Another fashion trend that is worth mentioning about Ginghams is the way how the ginghams are being patterned as broad strokes of retro goodness. The checks are of sizes of 3 inches by 3 inches making it one of the retro looking ubercool garments in mens fashion era.

The gingham can also be worn as a casual wear without a tie. To give a more relaxed look, you can roll up the sleeves up to the elbow. The gingham shirts look fabulous if they come with contrast inner collars. If you the one who loves to experiment with your looks, go out there and mix it up a bit in the party wear and make the best move. 

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