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SUMMARY: Ms. Sitbon was born in Ireland. She has a mixed heritage of Italian and French and she graduated from Studio Bercot. She launched her collection in 1985 and after three years, she was able to sign on and begin designing for Chloe. After working for Chloe, she began to design her own collections that still shock and impress the fashion industry with each new piece. She envisions fashion as it was when it was written by the stars that created fashion themselves. She creates unique designs because she feels that designs are not simply designs but a form of 3D art that is worn and used. She is known for the use of exotic textiles in a masterful combination of fabric treatment. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Embroidered Shirts as Advertisements

Author: mark taylor


Starting and running a business can be a very complicated affair considering the fact that you will come across a variety of obstacles and hurdles together with opportunities that you would want to tap upon. Stifling competition in the market might also upset your endeavours, and therefore, right from the start, being a business owner can be a very difficult task since it requires a lot of efforts from your side together with patience and alertness. None of us initially have a lot of money or financial support during the initial days when we establish our business, but at the same time, all of us want our set up to become stable as soon as possible, and start earning a profit on our investment.

The path is never easy and the reality is that many newly started businesses often file for bankruptcy within the first few months of their opening, since they were mostly unable to develop a sturdy customer base that would have allowed them to pursue further expansion and growth. Moreover, if a business needs to survive these days, it has to use the appropriate marketing and promotion tools for its products and services so as to reach out a greater market, and also ensure that the staff you hire is also dressed up appropriately since that would go a long way in developing your brand image. In any case, new businesses can not afford hefty advertisements expenditures due to the limited resources, but if they want to survive,

they will have to come up with ways to promote themselves and bring in more customers. Some businesses prefer to purchase air time on local television channels or radio stations, while others may advertise through publishing fliers or putting advertisements on local newspapers. However, these are marketing techniques that nearly every business utilizes in any case, but they might still fail since there is a huge probability that they might go unnoticed by the public at large. Therefore, you need to come up with a tool which is innovative and helps to spread the message more clearly and widely, and in this regard, embroidered shirts can come in very helpful.


You can actually utilize embroidered shirts for marketing your business since the people who would wear them would act like walking advertisements for your business, and your organization is likely to become a household name through this method. There is a huge chance that your embroidered shirt would be worn very often and that makes it an effective medium for advertising your brand and business and thus attract more customers. Just make sure that the quality of the embroidered shirt is good enough and that the stitching is done right since that would go a long way in giving out the message that quality is of paramount importance for your business and that you like doing everything punctually and in a neat and clean manner. Potential customers are likely to deal with those businesses with whom they can trust for quality and timely delivery of service, and a good quality embroidered shirt would indicate just these characteristics about your business. In fact, a good quality embroidered shirt featuring an elegant design is bound to attract everyone in sight, and you may also include contact details so that your business maybe approached by the on lookers if and when the need arises.


Embroidered shirts as advertisements have been used since a long time but this concept is still rarely followed despite the fact that it is quite effective at attracting more customers and that potential clients themselves act like mediums of marketing for your business. Also, embroidered shirts are not as irritating or annoying as other modes of advertisements which have been mentioned above, since fliers often end up in our dustbins and we often switch channels when an advertisement appears. You can consider handing out embroidered shirts in huge gatherings such as exhibitions or local festivals, or even a sports match in the local ground. Apart from that, you can also have your friends and family members, and yourself, wear the embroidered shirt during an outing since this strategy might also work out great. Promotional products like embroidered shirts are always popular, and they are a preferred marketing tool.


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