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SUMMARY: If there is any fashion that is all New York, it is this brand. It's creator, Leah McSweeney, is a New Yorker and she designed the line to give women clothing that would match the hip street clothes men were wearing. The Mob actually stands for "Most Official Bitches."

This is a line of apparel that projects an image.The tee shirts are emblazoned with slogans such as "Do I Look Like I Give a F___." While the pants and shirts probably wouldn't show up in Wall Street offices or cubicles in Fortune 500 corporations, This is suitable for the young hot generation for lounging and running about town. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Married to the Mob



Ladies Shirts - The Ultimate Essentials

Author: Nisha Jainwal

Shirts are the ultimate essentials and the must-have regalia in the wardrobes of women, it\'s an all the rage apparel that peaks your personality, flaunts your frame and duly fits in multifarious circumstances and occasions. Women fashion shirts are the epitome of glamour with a subtle and polite semblance. This simple outfit adds oomph to your closet and definitely takes the lead as comfy go-to clothing for the ladies to fall back on!

You can style up in trendy sleek shirts designed in minimalism or retro fashion combined with trousers and gleam managerial or pick other voguish versions of sophisticated long or polo shirts in feminine cut with bulky sleeves, yoke, assemblies and scarf collars. You can choose from the wide range of variety shirts for women in varied styles available in the outlets in cotton, skin and translucent fabrics with combined materials like fur and lace in popular colors such as beige, burgundy, gray, black, pastel shades of pink and blue to rich colors of the season such as vibrant-green, brick red and purple. Contrasting color combinations and shades of metallic are also available. These colors mainly imply on the Collar, cuff and bar shirts.

While colors come and go, white in shirts is the effusive color in trend all through! Classy white shirts are highly appreciated for the abundance in their style ambience and popularity. Classic cut shirts in white with mini collars is the evergreen trend in ladies shirts. Designer shirts in eclecticism styles include exclusive patterns and sleeve variations. Some of the indelible patterns available in the ladies designer shirts are floral and abstract, stripes, checkers and various other stencil patterns and graphic picks. The combination of monochromatic fabric and the winsome prints is the fad in the season. Other fashionable shirts include cotton, linen, twill fabric based shirts, rayon embodied shirts, jacquard dot long sleeve shirts, polyester shirts etc. exclusively for women.

The outlets offer women shirts in intensive plain colors, innovative designs and other key styles with the right fit in! Whether classical, fashionable or daring , shirts enhance your aura and are the must-haves! Shirts are the wardrobe staples that come as diverse as the million ladies who prefer wearing them from the workdays to weekends. Tucked into pencil skirts or worn with a sleek blazer to the office, shirts cater to all tastes and trends for the ladies. Shirts are the perennial outfits that rise to prominence in all seasons. So go ahead and pair up your shirt with tight denims, skirts or pants and showcase the unique trend detailing the novelty definition.

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