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SUMMARY: Mr. Montano was born in La Junta, Colorado. He has established his professional reputation from his three hit television series on the Style Network and The Learning Channel. These three series include “10 Years Younger,” “While You Were Out,” and “My Celebrity Home.” He is now on WE TV on the show, “She’s Moving In.” Montano is also famous for his extremely flamboyant design sense that many are not used to, but by the end, are won over by. He is known most for being a designer, interior designer, artist, TV personality, and writer. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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How to Shop a Leather Bag for your Lady?

Author: Mitchell Samuel

Are you planning to surprise your mother, wife or lady love with a pure leather bag? Women love to collect exclusive bags of different brands. Totes, purse, wallets, sling bags, day bags etc are few of the hot favorite bags of ladies. Ladies prefer to carry totes or purses that go best with the dress they are wearing. Therefore, whenever you are thinking to gift a lady with a bag, think of her choice. If you are about to invest on an expensive piece, think twice whether the lady will love it. You must be aware of the taste of that person for whom you are about to shop.

Usually, older women are comfortable with conventional handbags. Daily office going women love carrying slings or totes as these bags can hold lots of stuff including make ups, a dress, books and many more. Laptop backpacks are also for professionals. When it comes to elegant purses, specifically clutches, women adorn such pieces. Always remember it! They usually carry such a piece when they wear dress and out for dinner parties.

Some shopping tips:

You can pick Italian tote for the lady you are planning to surprise. Italian leather is specially treated and conditioned so that it can be softer and smoother than usual leather. You can get bags of variety leather when you are out to shop. Besides the regular cowhide, deer buck is also used by many brands selling classic leather totes. Deer buck is softer therefore; bags made from this material are comparatively softer and smoother. In fact the bags are costlier as well. If you think to purchase such a piece, you should have to forget about the budget. This is how you can get the unique Italian tote for the lady who matters the most in your life.

Day handbags are great for both working professionals and home makers. Women can carry these bags when they are moving for work. A laptop can easily be stored in these leather bags. They can also take these bags when they are out to shop. Women can carry their daily necessary stuff in these handbags. They can easily carry make up stuff, daily hygiene goodies and even dresses. Mothers can carry baby diapers and milk bottles as well in these totes.

Sling bags are for working professionals and students. These bags carry a professional look; specially, photographers are found carrying these bags. Carrying a sling bag look smarter and sexier. Besides, these bags can carry note pads, a mini laptop, pens, credit cards and purse.

You can also buy a large leather tote. There are many online stores from where you can see huge collection of women tote bags and unisex bags as well. Viparo caters such collection. You can pick totes to please your lady. These are huge bags that can carry laptops, regular hygiene stuff and make up. Tote bags are much in vogue these days.

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Mitchell Samuel is a fashion designer by profession. His articles on leather bags are core source of good information to readers.