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SUMMARY: Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee is the designer of this contempory womens line. It is not a maternity line but rather more of a tom boy-goes-glam feel. A girly but gritty style. A bit of naughty but definitely not nasty. The Mama line features clothing, hats and accessories. the colors and textures are bold and beautiful. The ensignia 'mama' scrolled in cursive finds it's way to each piece of the collection. Gabriella claims that her style is a "movement and an attitutde", appropriate for night life to the office. You'll find this brand on Gabriella's own The Glamourous Life site at Links to search result for this brand are below:

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The Beautiful Formal Dresses for Women

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Formal dresses to wear:

The formal dresses for women and formal wear as well as evening wear are common conditions for clothing they are suitable for social events, like wedding, dinner or formal party garden. The western style for formal dresses is characterized through black also by white garments dresses, it is approximately all the time normal formal dress in countries devoid of a formal national dress.

In this profitable world, women are also causative to selling segment which increases insist for formal dresses for women. As we know that the world is concurrently fashion leaning each and every woman\'s wishes to be beautiful in formals. To convene this necessity of female populace, the magnificent formal dress is contributed by the industries to dole out the ladies. The reason why it is important to be donned in impressive formal outfits is that it does not only make you look good during office hours but, also creates a good impression at you workplace and gets your exposure.  The motive why it is significant to be donned in notable formal clothes is with the intention of this is not simply make you seem first-class throughout office hours other than also creates a superior impression at your workplace also give you experience.  

Types of dresses
Evening gowns or gowns are long formal dresses. The ranges for this dresses are ballerina to full-length and tea. These long formal dresses for evening are generally prepared through deluxe fabrics like chiffon, satin; velvet etc. silk is a well-liked fiber intended for various evening gowns.

Evening gown, occasionally also recognized as patio dress because of its design by royal courts nowadays, the gown comes in diverse silhouettes also lengths, other than the full-skirted and ball gown relics the peak of formality. These are worn at a variety of semi-formal white and black tie in functions, as well as formal dinners, theatre premieres also in opera, wedding receptions, dances and balls. When tattered the white tie occasions, the gown is usually more complicated than to worn black tie occasion. These are classically connected with glamour also lavishness, plus emerge at actions similar to the Academy Awards like in U.S., the aperture of society in urban, also formal receptions. More gowns are not intended to wear more than one, though the high profile society like celebrities may sell gowns than they give it in charity. In a number of cases, particularly pro highly public measures, well identified designer lends the tradition or era dresses to prominent attendees of the affair, To glass case their skills  the evening gowns rear at end of evening to enduring archive.

When a correct occasion is in the mode in school, all girls look onward verdict a correct formal dress to be the focus in eyes of every student. In actuality, the necessary part in juniors formal dresses is to about your exclusive style plus inserts a dramatic proportion to create it more good-looking and fashionable. The female flame of juniors formal dresses twists a few girls world keen on a landing strip from return dress to prom. Styles that variety from little as well as sweet to graceful also formal denote each day is an opening to shine.

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