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Charles & Keith – Story of a brand that went global from Singapore

Author: valiram

Charles & Keith is a footwear brand for women that is almost synonymous with fashion. It was launched in 1996 from Singapore and is now one of the poster brands in the category of fashion footwear in international arena.

Succeeding with its outstanding high street fashion shoes and accessories, Charles & Keith is a favorite of many people, positioning itself as one of the fast moving luxury fashion footwear product from the market shelves across the world.

The brothers Charles and Keith Wong started a simple shoe store for women at Amara Hotel, Singapore. This was in the year 1996 and before late, that simple store had evolved as a leading global brand. Now, Charles & Keith operates internationally in several countries with more than 170 franchises. It also owns a subsidiary brand for uber luxury footwear collection – Pedro.

Charles & Keith had been recognized for its innovation & customer centric business more than once. In 2002, it had won the Excellent Service Award and in the Singapore Business Awards ceremony held at 2008, it had won The Enterprise Award.

As young children, Keith Wong and his elder brother Charles Wong had learned the nittigritties of running a shoe business by helping their parents at their shoe store in Ang Mo Kio. At the age of 22, Charles opened his own shoe store at the Amara Hotel arcade in the financial district in 1996. Two years later, Keith joined the business in 1998. At the time, it was a very small business selling women\'s shoes made in China and Malaysia.

They exhibited strong business sense in fore-seeing the potential for the brand to do well in global markets. As a result Charles & Keith as a brand, travelled overseas in the year 2000. The exclusivity of its in-house designs and its reasonable prices were significant contributors to the brand\'s appeal locally and internationally. In the recent times, Charles & Keith operates more than 170 outlets in 22 countries including Japan, Cyprus, Brunei and Indonesia either directly or through franchisees.

The year 2004 saw Charles & Keith going great distances. They ventured into the Gulf States of the Middle East, beginning with Dubai and followed by Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Then it moved onto opening store locations in Turkey and Egypt, bringing the total number to 12 outlets in the Middle East Asia. In the same year, Charles & Keith upped its game by venturing into the digital spectrum. It became the first clothing maker or any retail company for that matter to launch an online store in Singapore,

The year 2005 saw Charles & Keith introducing the Pedro line of men\'s footwear that were fashionable and luxurious.

The year 2007 witnessed Charles & Keith expanding their array of offerings to accommodate both men\'s as well as women\'s accessories such as sunglasses, belts, ties and bags. They marketed the exclusive and luxury products under the brand name of Pedro along with introducing the Charles & Keith Signature Label. This label is an extension of Pedro that offers more exclusive, higher price range products to highly exclusive customer base.

As an ongoing plan for development, Charles & Keith continues to expand its footprints in the markets abroad. They aim to open more than 500 stores in the coming five years.

Every customer has unique taste, preferences and demands and to cater to these with a touch of elegance, Charles & Keith has an in-house team of 70 designers which is of course headed by Keith. These designers arrive at new designs and patterns every month and frequent the fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan. Apart from attending fashion shows, they also study the upcoming fashion trends there. The names Pedro and Charles & Keith are already more than a household name in Singapore, and in the recent years, they continue to take the international markets in stride by their innovative designs, refined branding and meticulously calculated marketing and advertising as well as positioning the products at the apt price segments.

Not to mention the several thousands of loyal Charles & Keith fans who don\'t hesitate to brag about the brand they admire.

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