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SUMMARY: Ms. Vionnet was a French dressmaker and fashion designer, who was born on June 2, 1876 and died on March 2, 1975. She was well-known for her Grecian dress design that made use of a new technique called the bias cut. The garments have a way of being simple and complex at the same time; this is very difficult to do. They are flowing and elegant and are designed to help to make women look taller and more beautiful.

Currently, the Vionnet label is owned by Matteo Marzotto and Rodolfo Paglialunga now designs the clothes for the company. Some of the best Vionnet fashion pieces include gold mid-length dress with asymmetrical draping, black stroup skirt, and the black full-length bias-cut dress with beaded neckline. You can find Vionnet clothing at Vionnet Boutiques and at Barney’s in New York. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Novelty Christmas Jumpers: Why You Should Be Wearing Them

Author: Gilbert Josh

Flaunting a quirky Christmas jumper is the hottest fashion statement that\'s scorching fashion trends this season. Shedding its dull and boring image, this ubiquitous woolly cover-up that people once received as gifts from industrious knitters in the family during the festivities, the X-mas pullover has emerged with a brand new image that spells fun, confidence and a witty or even a silly sense of fashion.

For those who are dying to get away from a stuffy, corporate image and sober colors, wearing a Christmas jumper to work is becoming quite the done thing. Most TV presenters are wearing them to work and there\'s no doubt that these colorful pullovers can brighten up even the dullest corporate space. The great thing about wearing it to work is that with a few deft touches, you can step out after work and still look chic and ready to party. Women can jazz up their novelty Christmas jumpers with a smart pair of skinny trousers or a narrow skirt and killer heels and some bling in the form of trendy accessories, while men can swap their formal trousers for a pair of jeans and add a pair of stylish shoes and jacket. Your kids will love the bright colors and wacky designs on their Christmas jumpers. The best part of wearing a novelty jumper is that it keeps you toasty warm as you go through the day while still looking completely stylish.

Novelty Christmas jumpers come in a dizzying variety of colors: so you can pick the ones that suit you, brighten up your day and get compliments for the fun motifs on them as well. Choose from traditional Christmas colors like red/green/white to chic black, purple, hot pink, aubergine or understated grays and beiges. Combination knits that have two or more color blocks are also a great choice for the holiday season and can take you to picnics, cozy lunches, a day\'s shopping and dinner with the family. Motifs include puddings and mistletoe, holly, X-mas trees, snowmen, turkey, favorite cartoon characters for kids, classic styles in plain colors, stripes and bands of color across the front and sleeves etc. In fact, there\'s been a design explosion in patterns for novelty Christmas jumpers. Appliquéd or embossed designs, bling, sequins, spangles, tiny stuffed animals attached on the jumpers, psychedelic colors, metallic finishes and a host of variations add the fun element.

So it\'s time to wear your attitude that screams 'holiday fun' and step out in style wearing a novelty Christmas jumper.

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