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SUMMARY: Ms. Devon graduated from Brown University in 2002, then had a design internship and joined Ralph Lauren where she designed women's ready-to-wear fashions. She designs shirt dresses, boyfriend blazers, and bomber jackets. The array of colors and styles that have been designed by her target the fashion sensibilities of the modern woman. There is something in her line of clothing that most woman would be able to use and they can be browsed at her clothing stores in New York. The new 2009 line of fall wear is available to purchase at her store in New York. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Ballet Flat Shoes as Suggested by the Ballet Instructor

Author: Jack Parera

Women\'s ballet flats are a type of footwear derived from the classic ballet slipper. It carries a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all. They are available in quite a few styles and designs, where sometimes it may features a ribbon like binding around the lower-top areas of the slipper.

Besides when it comes to ballet flat shoes, you will most likely find two types for the same: leather ballet shoes and canvas ballet shoes. You will also be able to find imitation in leather ballet footwear, but usually these won\'t last long and at the same time will also not perform well. In the end, imitated leather footwear will wear out too quickly. Hence, it is ideal to stick with real leather or canvas ballet flats.

It is always advisable to ask your instructors regarding which type of shoe they prefer you to have. This is because instructors have years of experience and practice, which is not only limited to ballet dancing, but also in teaching ballet as well. This experience and expertise allows them to set preferences in regards with the type of shoes. They knows what works well and what does not work for the classes that they teach. You should always consider their opinions and preferences when it comes to ballet flat shoes.

Canvas shoes are the inexpensive ones, whereas leather shoes are a bit more expensive than canvas. Mostly, leather shoes are preferred because depending on the type of floor you are dancing on, leather soles will generally last longer than canvas. However, for people who are heavy in weight, leather soles can make them stick to the floor, which may result into more injuries. This is why mostly men prefer canvas rather than leather because there is less possibility of sticking to the floor. Though, canvas wears out faster as compare to that of leather, and you may have to buy another ballet flat shoes more often.

The next decision that you have to make before buying the ballet flat shoes is the type of closure that they have on them. The ballet dancers who are at beginner level will usually require the ones with an elastic band on top that runs across the top of the shoe. The band is sewn on both side of the shoe, which provides more safety to the foot while dancing. Most ballet instructors often suggests such kind of ballet flat shoes, especially for children and often for adults as well.

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