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SUMMARY: Designer L. Huelle founded his company, a French fashion brand based in Paris, in 2000. His work has been shown and sold around the world. He attended school at Central Saint Martin’s College and then went on to work with Maison Martin Margiela. He then founded his own label with David Ballu. This year’s collection is inspired by the 1977 film “Suspiria” by Dario Argentio. His collections include fluid dresses with wide belts, jackets and coats with asymmetrical lines from the torso with layering folds. This year’s line has a lot of grey and green from charcoal to light smoky hues. You can find his works at Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Pick the outstanding wedding dresses to personalized your winter wedding

Author: JessicaNelson

Winter may be an awesome season of the year to host a wedding. Having a wedding in winter is a dream of most of the brides. Winter maybe a cold time but you can add some warmth to this cool season. Winter is also a romantic season. The pure white snow gives another appearance to the season. Winter is the season of Christmas in which we can get a lot of gifts. If you wish to have a wedding in winter, you need to ensure you will have an ideal winter wedding dress.

Winter wedding is not quick as the summer dresses, because others also want to have a winter wedding. In order to meet to trends of getting married in winter, there are now many kinds of winter bridal dresses for the brides to choose. No matter how hard, you can choose a suit wedding dress for your special day. Because of the cold weather, there may be many choices in terms of the color and fabric of your wedding dress. There also have many accessories added to the bride dresses that can make these chic dresses unique.

Nowadays, the pursuit of wedding dresses has become the reflection of the bride\'s personality and taste. Wedding is a big event in our life. Brides want to choose a unique and perfect wedding dress that can highlight the advantages of their characters and hide the shortcomings. There huge collection of different winter wedding dresses at LunaDress offers you a lot of choice to pick out the outstanding wedding dress. Then the brides should make it clear which dresses you like best and which dress is suit for your body figure and winter season.

When you need to choose a winter wedding dress, you should take the fabric, color and type into consideration. You should choose a dress with shoulder straps, or even with sleeves to keep warm in the cold winter. The right wedding dress is the one which suits you, makes you look attractive and above all, you need to feel comfortable wearing it at wedding ceremony. You should think well while deciding to choose the best dress for the wedding. We concentrate on the high quality wedding dresses, for professional, We offer the dresses the bride needs, such as the plus size, a-line/princess group and so on. Of course, you need to contact our custom first.

In a word, choose the right wedding dress for this season can make an outstanding bride and personalize your winter wedding. The dreaming and romantic wedding will give you an unforgettable memory at this moment.

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I am now very interested in the wedding dresses ,I look much information online ,it provides lots of LunaDress and prom dresses I like very much.I want to share with you of the colorful and amazing styles of wedding dresses ,I hope it will bring conveniences to you who will to hold or attend a wedding ceremony.