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SUMMARY: Ms. Beccaria is an Italian designer who is considered to be hot in todays fashion world. She specializes in romantic elegance for socially mobile women. Her party dresses and attire come in a variety of silks, metallic tweeds and other material.

Check major shopping portals for her fashions as well as her personal site. Her label also has a moderate presence on eBay. Even on eBay, prices for this label will not be cheap, but there are a number of reputable eBay power sellers who have a selection. Her style can be found throughout the world but she is most famous in her home country. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Luisa Beccaria



Down-to-earth Guide for Home Interior Design

Author: Alvin Bohn

Your home should ideally be full of space and natural lighting. Homeowners can develop their amateur skills in design by doing the following:

  • Read interior design tips in home and interior design magazines.
  • Obtain images and reference materials from design websites and printed publications.
  • Go to fabric shops and be acquainted with different kinds of fabrics and shades.
  • Visit design showrooms.
  • Look for outdoor spaces and garden themes.

You should know what is colorful and what spacious in design means.

Practical interior design pointers are important for prudent homeowners. This broad aspect covers form as well as functionality. This means that the interiors of your house must look attractive and functional. It all depends on how an individual looks at it. This is quite difficult to achieve so your creativity is required. Interior designing can be a remarkable activity for creative persons who have an eye for vibrant colors, furniture pieces, quality, and space. Absolute resourcefulness is quite important in refurbishing your house or even just one room.

You have the option to get the services of a professional interior designer who is familiar with the most recent vogue and vibrant designs. This person also has the technical expertise that amateurs do not have. Implement amazing changes using these tips from interior design tri cities wa to give your abode or room a fresh and pristine look.

Lighter shades will make the room look well-ventilated and more spacious. On the contrary, dim colors will make big spaces look smaller. Choose wall paint colors which are bright to make apartment units look bigger like creamy white, beige and white. Light-colored upholstery can also make rooms look wider. Do not ignore the appearance of doors and windows since these can make a considerable effect on interior designing. These openings are essential since these take care of security, lighting and exposure to air.

Use a combination of two colors such as blue with pastel green or red with light orange. Choose accent shades and adorn your room with accent color which stands out against base color. This is possible if your principal color is brown for rooms and orange for bed and chair covers. Highlight colors in window blinds, wall paper, cushion, and carpets. Establish a mood such as serenity or the minimalism of modern design. This atmosphere will help the homeowner come up with a design theme that is organized.

There should always be a focal point in designing. It can be a piece of furniture, a specific portion of the room, painting, or a window with a nice vista. Interiors should be simple. Too many accessories or furniture pieces can create a congested and turbulent ambiance. The key is to simplify and streamline all things so you will achieve a cool look. You can get a lot of functional design elements from interior design tri cities wa. Be very clever in making decisions regarding interior design. While design is meant to make the room or house more attractive, you must not deviate from the major objectives such as comfort, flow of traffic, and cleanliness.

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