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SUMMARY This label was founded by Luca Orlandi. Orlandi was born in Milan and worked at an at an early age with his family in the family’s textile business. He then got his B.A. from Bocconi University in Milan where he quickly moved to New York to earn his MBA from Columba University. He started his label in 1991 and he opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue the following year. It has grown into a well-known store that is respected in the fashion world. The colors and textures of the fabrics used create an elegant silhouette for anyone who wears this brand of clothing. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Leather shoes for men are more durable

Author: Susan Crasto

Every one of us is particular when it comes to shoes. We often tend to buy shoes that are not only classic in style but also are durable and made of leather. While shoe shopping may not stand importance for a man as for a woman, it would be advantageous for many men to spend a little more time weighing their options when they decide to purchase a pair of men formal shoes.  Contrary to what many people might think, there is a considerable difference between makes and styles, even if it is not always apparent to the untrained eye. The result, too often, is that men end up buying cheap, uncomfortable or overly trendy shoes when, with a little bit of extra thought, they could have spent their money on a shoe that would have lasted them happily for years.


With the advent of Electronic Commerce, trading through internet has become quite popular and reliable for customers on a worldwide basis. There are different fabrics like jute, leather which are used for making shoes. But Leather shoes for menemerge as an all time favorite among individuals of different generations. Although leather shoes are more expensive than normal footwear, yet they are popular as it is made up of high quality materials and can be customized as per to one\'s needs. These shoes can be worn for several years and master craftsman develop such shoes made out of hand made leather. Instead of buying new shoes every year, invest in leather shoes as they provide reliability.

One of the most important aspect in using leather shoes is that they are much softer than faux leather ones. These shoes stretch and mould to your feet and ultimately become more comfortable. Synthetic linings do not stretch well, so your feet just push against them until they disintegrate. Real leather shoes can suck in air more than faux leather shoes, which may avoid your feet from swelling and will also prevent them from smelling bad. Most artificial shoes will leave your poor feet bathed in their own sweat while leather shoes wick away perspiration. Therefore these shoes form a clear favorite among the range of men formal shoes

Most of us fail to notice the way our shoes wear out. Instead of taking care of our shoes we just simply replace them with newer ones. But as Leather shoes for menare expensive, maintaining them proves to be a good option. Care of leather shoes is not just about making your shoes look good but it is also about preserving and adding life to your leather shoes. You can also use a mild soap detergent along with a clean damp care cloth to clean leather shoes. Often the leather dries out without proper conditioning and care. You need to clean, condition, polish and preserve leather shoes to increase its durability.

Experts advise to clean leather shoes in every month. This helps to maintain the quality and shine of the leather. While buying Leather shoes for men remember tonever wear such shoes while they are still wet.  Allow them to air dry and then you may stuff some paper inside of your wet shoes for water to soak up faster and to help them keep its shape. But refrain from using newspapers, because you may end up with lots of ink in your shoes.

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