Are you looking for lower prices for LL Bean items than the LL Bean outlet?

Need LL Bean outlet alternatives? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives to, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices on LL Bean items. Below are websites that I recommend:

eBay Bizrate/Shopzilla SUMMARY:Leon Leonwood Bean. That’s what LL Bean stands for. Yes, of course you knew that. I can tell just from the popularity of this page that what it should stand for is Leon Lotsa Bucks. Well maybe not so much now, since as of this writing, one hundred and fifty LL Bean call center workers in Bangor, Maine were recently furloughed from their jobs.

So they, like my other visitors might be interested in the knowing the best LL Bean alternatives, given the challenges to their budget. I recommend Bizrate/Shopzilla. For some weird reason, this label is not really on Amazon and while it’s on eBay, the only reason to go there is if you can’t find what you want from the many, many bargains on Bizrate/Shopzilla. Many of the listings are from the actual label and it looks like they are playing hardball when it comes to undercutting anyone else.


You probably know that with this blog search, I was expecting an outdoorsy theme in the results ranging from Field Stream to Cabelas to maybe even some crazy survivalist discussing his choice of gear. That's pretty much what I got also. If you are looking to read about mule deer hunting or fishing that browsing the Google blog search results for this brand are an efficient way to get that done. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me. What wasn't quite so boring was the posting of the blog article asking this label to stop selling fur. I guess I don't know why I have always associated this brand with plaid shirts and down jackets, but it shouldn't be a huge surprise to me that that some of their hats are lined with fur. Rabbit fur. Is rabbit meat also incorrect to eat? I've noticed that quite a few of the upscale grocery stores sell rabbit meat. I would assume that if it's wrong to kill rabbits for the fur than it should be wrong to kill them for their meat. Now how about chickens?

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