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SUMMARY: This brand was founded in 1974. It has been a leading manufacturer of chic, functional handbags. It has also become one of the American icons that are sold all around the world. They are the also leading American brand for casual nylon bags. They are sold in the United States, Mexico, Asia and Europe. The many collections have the same trademark sporty American styling. They are different assortments of colorful clothing and bags that have a lightweight functionality. There are twenty countries that sell this product line which include: Italy, UK, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Art Deco in Fashion

Author: Natallia Zheuniarova

You think fashion is something, which is modern, upbeat, new? You would be wrong in this opinion because fashion holds a lot of history in it and history is not always modern, new and upbeat. The fashion world has a lot of history and history can always be analyzed through fashion. You may wonder what is with ART DECO and history? Well art deco is not only a fashion style, it is a significant design style widely used in consumer products such as automobiles, furniture, cookware, china, textiles, jewelry, clocks, and electronic items such as radios, telephones, and jukeboxes after the first World War. It also influenced architecture, interior design, industrial design, fashion, graphic arts, and cinema.

When you want to achieve an art deco look, you should make sure you include the features of the style in your outfit: a lot of contrasts, such as colour palates of chrome and cobalt blue, and crystal and black, clean shapes and elegant lines, vivid colour and stark, geometric shapes. Art deco is always a symbol of luxury, glamour, and exuberance. Sometimes you feel your image is missing something, you may feel there is something wrong... maybe not enough colour, or wrong texture. When it happens, you should absolutely urgently address the features of pure styles, like art deco. You will find your whole appearance transforming from your previous self into a posh, exclusive, unique look. It does not matter what style you follow, the age, nationality and gender does not count as well. If you feel this urge for elegance and grace, you should definitely take advantage of this style.

It is pure undivided truth that your style tells about your character. At times we get stuck in our 'stamp' clothes of the same colour and the same style, thinking that change will be scary and unbearable. There is no need to go crazy and apply extreme changes into your look. The solution is... give it a go! Art deco is a subtle, painless decision. You would be surprised to find out that art deco, a posh, glamorous style, can be embed in your present look by simple techniques and affordable clothing. You actually do not have to be a millionaire to look posh, to look exclusive. Check out our selection of art deco images on our Pinterest page to see how you can give a little of historic mystery in your look or visit our website to read more about fashion and style


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