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SUMMARY: With a name like Véronique Leroy for the designer, you have to wonder why that isn't the name of this label. However, the correct pronunciation of this label's name is done with an accent over the first letter "e", so it probably sounds more glamorous than how the name is normally pronounced in America. This brand for some time was known for some of the flashy, colorful designs that were really popular in the sixties and might look at home on the set of an Austin Powers movie. Somehow this label has been able to evolve their look so that it's still relevant today. This label does have a limited retail presence online so you might browse their fragrances on Bizrate/Shopzilla and then browse the rest of your selected retailer's offerings from there. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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How to Find The Perfect Wedding Ring for Her?

Author: Ria Mehta

If you want to buy a wedding diamond ring for your partner, you need to find the best. There are several design options available. As you enter in a new, happy phase of life, you need to find a perfect wedding diamond ring.

Diamond rings represent love at the time of weddings. Diamond wedding rings are worn all the time. If you want to buy a diamond wedding ring for your to-be wife, remember that there is just one thumb rule – smaller ring for smaller hands and bigger rings for big hands.

Whether you buy a diamond ring online or from some local store, you need to find the best. Online as well as offline stores has a wide variety of options for the wedding diamond rings. If you want to buy a diamond ring from an offline store, you need to visit and see what they have. You can visit a few offline stores and compare the prices and quality. If you opt for online stores, you can read the reviews and customer testimonials to get an idea about the authenticity of the store.

You should never compromise on quality while buying diamond wedding ring. You can take expert\'s help if you get confused. They will help you find high quality wedding diamond rings at reasonable rates. It\'s a good idea to check out different websites to compare the rates of the wedding diamond rings.

Most women love showing off. Hence, a trendy and graceful ring would be loved by her. You can also match the rings. Couple wedding rings and bands are common these days. The rings look exactly the same but they may differ in the sizes.

If you want to personalize your love, it can be a good option to inscribe your wedding rings with special expressions. A meaningful phrase or initials would serve the purpose. Make sure that you go to an expert engraver. You just cannot trust anyone with your jewelry.

You can also choose loose diamonds and fix them on the wedding rings. Make sure that the diamond does not have any flaws in it. Use your own imagination and design the perfect wedding diamond ring. Stylish and beautiful wedding ring would be loved by your partner.

No matter what your budget for the wedding ring is, you need to find the best. Look for the prettiest designs that are stunning and elegant.

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Ria Mehta is professional jewellery content writer and blogger for a leading jewellery brand KISNA, having more than 6100 outlets in 28 states across India offer huge collection of real diamond rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and much more.