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SUMMARY: This label represents high fashion for the masses. Ms. Neimeyer created her first swimsuit for herself while spending time on the beach in Brazil. She launched her own line in 1993. Beautiful, unique embellishments include beads, sequins, handmade hardware and prints. The colors are varying hues of blue, green, white that shift, and merge like the oceans and beaches from which they were inspired. The prints are bold and energetic. Available in one piece or two-piece styles, the designs are meant to be flattering to every body. These swimsuits are available worldwide in store like Harrods’s, Bloomingdale's or online boutiques and are reasonably priced: $150-200+. The brand also includes handbags, shoes, accessories and resort wear. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The benefits of the latest gadgets

Author: johnJosesaf


The word gadgets can be traced back in 19th century. The term is used to the devices which are mobile and compact. The term may also mean the device which has more functions compared to its cost and size. The gadget is small tool like a machine and it is used for a particular reason. Sometime the gadget can be called gizmos.

Now it is becoming impossible for most people to think living their life without the gadgets or technology.  The technology is defined like the process which helps the people to modify the nature in order to meet their needs. The technology read to the invention and innovation and one of such invention is the gadgets. The gadgets are found in many varieties that are used to meet the needs of the humans. However as the gadgets have the benefits, they also have the disadvantages.

The gadget helps the business to increase their profits. The technology helps the people in many ways since the technology increase efficiency which increase the productivity at its turn. There is also a need to have low work force since new technology can help in automating the work which reduces the cost.

The gadget helps in accessing the information much easily. You can easily get the information by using the internet on the computer or mobile phone. The gadget has also increased the communication. It is no longer necessary to send the letter which was taking days to reach the person now you can send the email and you can get the answer at once. Now the chat rooms also help the people to stay in touch and to meet new people. You can also use the gadgets to speed your work. You can find the gadget to use in the office work and in the household chores.  They help to do the work within the little time possible.

However, while using the technology, you have to be aware of the online fraud. If you use internet for the online transaction, you can become an online fraud victim. The imposters may also steal your credit card information and they can use it to achieve their monetary gain. People are also becoming dependent on the gadget and they are becoming more mechanical as they need to use the gadgets in everything they do. The simple work is no longer done without using the gadget.

It is also hard for the business to keep up with the latest technology since technology become obsolete after few days. Implementing the new technology also can become too expensive and it is important if you decide if you need it or not. It is also always difficult to integrate the new technology in the business since it is challenging task.

As many people get addicted to the internet, mobile phones and computer, they are exposed to the radiation from the mobile phone and this can cause earaches, headaches and blurring of the vision. Sometime they can also cause the cancer.  The advantage and disadvantage of the gadgets will depend on how the user chooses to use it.


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