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SUMMARY: The LeMarais clothing line was introduced in 2007 and it is inspired by the district in Paris with the same name. The company has annual sales of over four million dollars and offers women’s children’s and infant’s clothing under that label. The women’s line consists of jackets, pants and skirt combinations that have European lines with modern design elements. The label and the collection has a limited retail presence but an effective shopping portal to use for the beginning of your search would be Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Environmentally friendly designer jewelry cleaning

Author: Michael Cohen

Designer jewelry is a precious investment that we make and plan to hold on to your many years, and sometimes many generations. In order for designer jewelry –or anything for that matter –to last long enough to see another generation, you have to take responsibility it caring for that particular investment. In the case of designer jewelry longevity, that means exercising the proper standards for cleaning and storing your jewelry when not in use. There is a variety of different jewelry cleaning techniques that you could use, many of which take advantage of the cleaning power of hazardous chemicals. In today\'s age, people are much more conscious and wary of the harmful effects of some of these chemicals. And that tentativeness does not only apply to the people within range of these hazardous chemicals. Today, people are environmentally conscious, and prefer cleaning agents that are not only safe for the family, but are safe for the earth as well.

In this environmentally conscious age, we recognize that these cleaning adaptations affect more than the kitchen sink. How will our designer jewelry fair during this 'going green' trend? Designer jewelry wearers that are trying to make an impact by shopping for green cleaning alternatives are unsure if they should be using these chemicals on their jewelry. After all, there are plenty of guides for how to clean designer jewelry, but the vast majority of those designer jewelry guides do not take into account an environmentally friendly reader.

There are a lot of environmentally friendly remedies for cleaning your designer jewelry that do not involve hazardous chemicals. In fact, you can find a lot of these cleaning remedies throughout your own home. For example, mixing one part baking soda and one part hot water will make a paste substance that is safe and great for cleaning diamonds. For plain gold designer jewelry, try using beer. That\'s right; use a clean terry cloth dampened with beer to wipe gold designer jewelry clean. However, do not use beer on any gemstones or diamonds. Lastly, try dropping your designer jewelry into some water and alka seltzer. 2 tablets, 1 cup is a great way to shock your designer jewelry in less than 5 minutes. 2 tablets, 1 cup will shock your designer jewelry every time, even if the jewelry has seen it before.

Now that you have some ideas on how to 'green' clean your designer jewelry, you can save on money while saving the environment. They say green cleaning is more than a fad, and that\'s just fine with us, so long as our jewelry stays fine.


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