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SUMMARY: This fashion line, created by L. Perez, is owned by JLM Couture. Mr. Perez was born in Cuba, and after he studied at the Ray College of Design in Chicago, his first collection premiered in 1995. His specialty is bridal wear including accessories and fashions for brides, bridesmaids, and junior bridesmaids. Perez’ designs incorporate hand beading, embroidery, floral embellishments and vintage details. Luxurious fabrics such as tulle, sparkle net charmeuse, chantilly lace, silk satin, and silk organza are used in JLM’s bridal line. The fashions come in subtle color shades including sherbert, blush and antique. JLM Couture’s bridal collections are Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm Couture, Jim Hjelm Visions and the subject brand. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Time and the changing face of dress codes

Author: jackoflondon

Through Time dress code norms are continuously changing. What marks Man as different from other species? Birth, multiplication and death are same to all life. There is no exception. Some live alone – the tiger and the wombat; others like the lion socialize. Man is gregarious and live in groups. There are three points that mark out man as distinctive from others – man unlike beasts takes care and does not neglect the sick, the old and the dying. Man attempts to cross over to the spiritual world – beyond the physical world. The peacock is not aware of its beautiful feathers but man loves beauty and likes to decorate the human body and the place where he lives. From the dawn of time man has clothed the human body.

Why did humans start wearing clothes? Three things have propelled him – necessity, aesthetics and a sense of modesty. Man loves to romanticize that which is mundane. For instance, unlike the other animals man refrained from gobbling food but turned eating into a ritual involving sharing and enjoying. In all his activities man brought in beauty. It was the same with mating. Humans felt the need for decency and privacy. Climate had a big say in this matter. Like the animals Nature did not gift man with thick furs or skin. As humans migrated from one place to another the logistics of changing climate made him wear clothes accordingly. The clothing story started from here. How did fashion kick off? Here again beauty played a part. There was another factor – man wanted to show off to others. This made the king wear more feathers than the courtiers. This is how fashion parades began and is continuing. Everybody wants to be a cut above the other.

Humans have walked a long distance from wearing skins, barks and leaves. Digging up ancient graves historians are trying to calculate the date by studying the louse nestling among the fraying clothes. The first fabric was perhaps felt. Today also there are some who sport furs and think themselves fashionable. Others decry this practice. Today the traditional is mixing with the trendy. In the Internet Age you can find out about the latest fashion by clicking on some noted sites like 1950 Style Dresses, 50 Style Dresses, AlternativeClothing, Hell Bunny Clothing, Vintage Style Clothing, Rockabilly Dresses and Rockabilly Clothing. Today tradition and hip hop styles are shaking hands.

Some want to be ultra modern while others prefer to return to the fifties. Online the choice is fantastic – there is something for everybody; skirts? There are long or short ones. T-shirts plus punk clothes are there by the dozens to choose from. Would you like to opt for leather jackets? Simply go online. Even celebrities like Amy Lee, Marilyn Manson plus a host of others are online shoppers. Their taste is worth emulating. Go online and find out what they are wearing and then order the same for yourself on the Internet. Happy clicking!

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