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Halloween Costumes Ideas for Teens

Author: Sasha Brown

The Halloween is a famous celebration that has been conquering a lot of countries during the time and that is celebrated on October 31. The name is known also as All Hallows\' Eve and it is considered to be the day when initiates the triduum of Hallowmas.

During this celebration the tradition is that children and teen should be dressed up in different characters that will inspire fear, and after that they will go to do trick-or-treating.

The Ideas for the costumes for such occasion are numerous and can go from fairy costumes to monster costumes. There are a lot of sites all around the world that can help you find a costume that will show the others your deepest ideas. Read further aspects of Halloween Costumes Buying Guide

But returning to the serious problem, the question remains: What should a teen dress on Halloween? Almost always the answer to this question is left until the last days before the celebration. Of course all the teen will look for something cheap and cool. If you don\'t want some classic costumes like: ghoulish Goths to wizards, prankster punks to peppy cheerleaders you can combine different characters.

You can take a look at the following ideas and maybe you will find something that is OK for you:

 1)      Combine elements from two animals- this can be done easy especially if you have some materials or clothes home that look alike the skin of an animal;

2)      combine an animal with an angel or devil, so you can add some wings or horns;

3)      use an old skirt or dress and add some nails – it will be OK if you can add them so that they will stay up;

4)      dress yourself in a very tight jeans and t-shirt and then paint yourself in different colors: yellow to be the golden girl/boy or gray to be the silver girl/boy; 

5)      you can take a Disney character and make it look like he/she was cached by the bad figure of the story;

6)      you can be a life piñata, if you attach gluing layers of streamers to an old piece of clothing, you can choose an animal or something else to be;

7)      you can use a fake blood to create a victim of a murder;

8)      you can attach some half legs or hands to you and so you create a great monster;

9)      if you use an old dress and a hood and make-up yourself with a lot of black around your eyes you can look like a ghost or a zombie;

10)   do not forget about superheroes - you can combine two superheroes and this way you can obtain a new character

These strange and maybe odd ideas can go on and on but the most important aspect is that a person should find something that represents him/her. A costume that will make him/her fill good and that will allow them to enjoy your evening. So, happy trick-or-treating and hope we were able to offer you some ideas for the costumes!

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