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SUMMARY: This clothing line was founded by Mariuccia Mandelli in 1950 in the city of Bergamo, Italy. The name is historically appropriate, as it was borrowed from Plato's unfinished work regarding female vanity. This label is specifically known for their creative designs such as menswear, knitwear, and handbags as well as fragrances, however they originally featured only skirts. Though Ms. Mandelli struggled in building this brand intially, it now has a global presence. This brand has a signicant presence on portals such as Bizrate/Shopzilla and Amazon while maintaining a moderate presence on eBay. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Italian brand denim jeans are hot sellers across the globe

Author: Rosina Ricci

Italy leads the world in fashion and therefore it is not surprising to know that the world\'s favourite material ‘denim\' too was first discovered in Italy! Clothing from Italy, be it casual pants for women or men, are known for their superior quality fabrics, cut and finishes. Italian brand denim jeans are world famous for their impeccable fit and are amongst the most wanted brands in the world.

One of the leading Italian brand denim jeans is Diesel, a name which actually needs no introduction to anyone with a semblance of fashion knowledge.Ever since its inception in 1978 in Italy, this Italian brand has become synonymous with high quality and long lasting denim jeans. Sleek marketing and advertising as well as positive word-of-mouth feedback has contributed greatly to the brand\'s success and today Diesel is a denim brand associated instantly with style and comfort. It has remained amongst the top contenders in the denim market and has been in the forefront when it comes to innovation. Some of the trendiest styles and washes of denim jeans have come from the house of Diesel and it continues to manufacture unique products which can withstand test of time.

Replay is another top Italian brand denim jeans and it is contemporary and smart. Started in 1981, Replay invests heavily into research and its customer base comprises mainly of those people who can recognize the authenticity and the extensive research which has gone into the production of these jeans. Its denim production, washes and finishes are the results of painstaking research and offers customers some absolutory unique denim wear. Distributed mainly thorough high-end jeans and flagship stores, Replay is one Italian brand denim jeans which is a hot seller all over the world.

In the list of bestselling Italian brand denim jeans, Gas has to be mentioned. Established in 1984, Gas offers high-end jeans to men as well as women and children. Its motto is fashionable yet practical clothes and to his end it targets customers who are cosmopolitan and discerning. There actually exists a room called the ‘artisanal room\' in the company where experimental manufacturing processes are undertaken in a controlled environment.

Although Armani is associated with haute couture, its denim section too is hugely popular. Armani Jeans is a bridge between haute couture and lower-end products whereas Armani Exchange comprises mainly of his lower end collection. With varied styles, colours and cuts, the Italian brand denim jeans from Armani offers a lot to all kinds of customers.

Italian denim is far superior to other denims found in the world, with the possible exception of Japanese denim. Italian denim gives a super soft and luxurious feel to the product and one feels good upon simply wearing these denims. Italian brand denim jeans are thus considered to be amongst the top brands in the world and are hot sellers across the globe.

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