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It's time to dress your baby bump!

Author: Sweet Lilly

Fashion is no more restricted to flat and zero sized tummy, it has leaped beyond! Surpassing all the limits, fashion has now ventured into the world of would-be-moms. Earlier being pregnant meant to be confined to a strict life style and living 09 months devoid of fashion. But now trend has changed, to-be-mamas can look hot too!

Over shadowing the stereotypic concept of the hibernation of fashion during pregnancy times, super moms like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham have all together set a new trend. And the result! To-be-mamas are also looking forward for maintaining their fashion taste for their baby bumps.

It\'s fashion undoubtedly, but there\'s something else to it!

What\'s that else in maternity clothes? It\'s not just about being in fashion. Rather with the right maternity clothes you can be at your ease, without letting the bump bulge out and become prominent.

For instance, how do you feel when you see someone with a bulgy tummy wearing a tight shirt, showing that bulge, doesn\'t it seem odd? If there are clothes available for your size why to get that stuffed sausage look? You are the mom, there\'s nothing shameful about being a mother, but why to show it off, when there are enough ways to hide it?

Going for a generalized opinion, many find it difficult to change the wardrobe. But what\'s the big deal then? It\'s a matter of 09 months only, if you can\'t afford much, you can surely afford for some. Since during the pregnancy you will be at your home most of the time, hence you can easily purchase 2-3 pairs of maternity shirts and pants with stretch panels.

Choose the fabric that breathes!

Founder cum director of Tiffany Rose, Tiffany London says, 'It\'s really important you select the right fabrics.' Citing the importance of the right fabric for the moms London further adds, ' Opt for fabrics that are breathable and offer a little stretch - whether it\'s slinky jersey, beautiful lace or fine silk chiffon - so that you feel super comfortable at any stage of pregnancy without feeling restricted.'  

Colours are in no way related to pregnancy, but still if you are looking for flattering colours to wear, you can go for your favourite ones. Anything with lighter shades makes you look truly eternal during pregnancy. Being pregnant doesn\'t mean that you will be covered from head to bottom. Every pregnant woman has the right to celebrate this greatest moment of her life with every glamour and style. Dress differently, coz this is the moment that makes you a complete woman. Welcome motherhood, experience it!

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