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SUMMARY: This Greek designer was born in 1972. She graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and now has her own label, again in London. Her trademark is known for the classic Grecian draping and the handcrafted elements that combine the design together. She specializes in flowing dresses. and also creates knitwear and leather that are very popular. A good place to start browsing and performing price comparisons for this label would be Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Custom T Shirts - Design Your Own T Shirts

Author: Shailesh Savaj

So you believed the only ways to show your imagination was by writing a poem, or painting a picture or composing a tune? Well you would have missed a really simple but really appealing method of expressing your creativity: to design your own t shirt. A special t shirt style could be your own unique method of expressing your imagination and your individuality. Since you may are interested to become your tee shirt style can be as eye-catching or understated. One can actually flaunt their individuality by using a unique tee shirt style.

Instead you are able to design a tee shirt to get a certain occasion, group or organization. Are you experiencing an upcoming business event? Or possibly a match organized for which the team needs to have an exclusive t shirt style? Would you maybe have a school or family re-union prepared for which a t-shirt design is necessary? Are you wanting to produce a pet for your recently shaped neighborhood football team? For several these and a great many other events or occasions or requirements you\'ve the straightforward choice to design your personal t shirt.

Several on line t shirt web sites make it really simple for you to style a t shirt: it can be as simple as (1) \'Put an image on it\' and (2) \'Write on it\' and you have designed your personal t shirt! You can choose whether you want an one sided t shirt or if you want a two sided one; you can even have it therefore there\'s just a image on the front and the lettering on the trunk or vice-versa.

Further one can likewise have the choice of customizing a t shirt design by choosing the kind of t shirt you want: long or short-sleeved, hoodie or sweat shirt, females styles or tank tops, an such like. Many tee shirt design websites give the choice to you of using their templates or clipart to create your own design or you can do your own thing and be completely original.

Tops can be a good promotion tool and can even be a good morale-booster for that personnel of a company because they can increase a feeling of belonging and can foster a wholesome team spirit. Whilst a branding workout and also as an excellent employee give away, the organization t shirt is a very good idea.

Naturally if you believe that you do not have the style to design your own t shirt, several t shirt internet sites can professionally design a logo or a mascot for you according to your specific requirements. And that means you have the option to turn designer or not, it\'s your decision.

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