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SUMMARY: It is known that this designer developed his love of fashion by reading the many magazines of his sisters. He was born in Himeili City, Hyogo Prefecture. He was the first male student to attend Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College. It was in 1964 when he moved to Parish and began working his way up the fashion ladder. He was a freelance designer and got to open his own boutique which he called “Jungle Jap” in 1970. The label's designs are heavily borrowed from traditional Japanese styles, which has made him a trendsetter. He uses only the best fabrics and has made a prominent name for himself in the fashion industry. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Choosing the right cycling clothing

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When it comes to choosing bicycle clothing, you need to pick the one that best suit you. Selecting a cycling jersey or shirt never depends upon the ability of your cycling. Whether you are a casual cyclist or a professional one you need to choose the right type of shirt that will protect you from injuries and help you enjoy a comfortable ride.

A jersey is always a great choice for any cyclist as they have been designed keeping the cyclist in mind. There are different types of jerseys available in the market and you can choose any of them based on your needs and comfort. The jerseys are available with full length arms, short sleeves and three- quarter sleeves. You can purchase whatever jerseys you want to suit your personal preference that makes you feel very comfortable in what you are wearing. These are a great piece of cycling wear that must be in your wardrobe if you do cycling regularly.  

Cycling clothing for professional cyclist:-

Some of the jerseys are designed specially to protect you from harmful rays of the sun. This kind of clothing is very useful for you if you are doing a lot of training in the summer or in the hot weather conditions. Another kind of jerseys comes with different technical feature which are specially designed for professionals. These are a great option for them those who want to become a professional cyclist. While designing these kinds of jerseys the designers keep their eyes on different technical features starting from being windproof to keep your skin cool in hot weather conditions. These kinds of pieces of clothing have it all.

Cycling clothing comes with a variety of designs. This kind of clothing is not only important for your safety but also reflects the personality of a cyclist. 

Though people like to wear a basic T-shirt, many serious cyclists realize that the jerseys are very helpful and comforting for a biker. The specially designed dresses keep them comfortable while riding. They are usually designed with the materials like polyester, microfiber.  


The good quality jerseys have front zippers for ventilation purpose and back pockets to hold your keys and other essentials like cell phones, wallet etc. Apart from a jersey the next important items that a cyclist needs are helmet and shoes. They definitely need to have these two items with them on long bike rides. Your helmet is a necessary safety precaution in case you fall from your bike.

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