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Five Things To Remember When You Shop

Author: M Umesh Kumar

Men will continue criticizing women, and will continue remaining befuddled about why women take shopping so seriously. What they don\'t realize is that shopping during sale season is not less than waging a war with hungry barbarians where survival is the key and there are no rules. During sales season, every woman goes completely crazy in the frenzy of shopping. There are so many stores to go, so many things to buy at such fabulous discounts.

And with designer stuff, the war only gets worse because there are limited editions to everything. Sometimes, you may actually come upon that cute little bag which you always wanted, and before you can even pick it up, it gets bagged by someone else! Sometimes, you end up shopping for the whole day and then realize that you are completely and absolutely exhausted. Thus, there are some basic steps you can take to ensure that the whole shopping experience is a lot less of a hassle.

Plan your shopping

The first and foremost is to make a list of the things which you really need to buy. Checking the list from time to time will ensure that while you also do a lot of impulsive shopping, you don\'t forget which you had come. Also, it will help you prioritize when you have a limited budget.

Dress light

Next, wear very less makeup, and wear some comfortable clothes – like a summer dress. This will make trail rooms feel less tiring when you explore the women\'s clothing section. Also, the other shoppers will thank you for not leaving lipstick stains behind on the dresses which you tried on and did not buy. Sometimes, the fights between tired women in trial rooms can be downright violent. So while picking out outfits to try on, make sure that they are of the right size and are things that you really like.


Carry a bottle of water with you at all times, and take sips every now and then. Dehydration is one of the main reasons why most women feel so exhausted after shopping. Frequent drinking of water will also ensure that your energy levels remain up and that your mind remains fresh and clear. Make sure that you drink water only, and not soda. Soda only makes you feel more thirsty and bloated up.

Comfortable footwear

Wear comfortable shoes – like flat slip-ons. Since you would be on your feet for a very long time, it is advisable that you wear something comfortable. Don\'t every wear new shoes on a shopping spree- in case the shoes bite, your entire day would be ruined. Also, heels would give you a terrible backache at the end of the day.

Large Bag

Carry a large bag in which you can keep all the stuff that you buy. It would help you manage everything much more easily rather than dragging around several small bags. These little tips are bound to make your experience a lot smoother. Happy shopping!

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