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SUMMARY: Ms. Unger is a dress designer who graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York after studying at Washington University in Missouri. She is co-founder and design director of this label. Before starting her own company in 1995, Unger worked with several prominent designers including Gayle Kirkpatrick and Geoffrey Beene. Her sophisticated designs use unique and fresh fabrics and hand beading. The inspiration for her designs came from her own needs as a business woman with a busy lifestyle. She has created dresses for business, casual, and evening wear, as well as cocktail dresses, party dresses, and gowns. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Slims down your tummy 2 sizes in minutes with the invisible tummy trimmer

Author: Atul Chaudhary

Every lady is conscious  about her Belly in a big way. Due to the  delivery or because of some other natural reasons, the stomach drops its original shape extremely. Everyone wants to get back her Belly. Belly shaper allows you to accomplish this. Every woman has blessed  amazing curves.  They want to keep shape always. To obtain it permanently every lady works carefully on this problem through nutritious diet and frequent exercise…. or just think about getting started on that…. but due to hectic work schedule or low will power can\'t start her health regime.

To help females getting their dream figure the Shaping garments market for females has become  so large that different manufacturers have come into the light and each one providing different designs of shapers to females. All whole body shaper  products are intended to glamorize females by  redistributing some of your problems to a more suitable area so you can truly improve your whole body. They could improve their charm quotient by getting back their form with the Belly trimmer

There are many body trimmers available in the market  to make slim various parts of the body. You can choose the one according to your preferences. It needs to be tag-free. It would be stretched all over the tummy area for giving you a perfect shape. Here is the invisible tummy trimmer for an invisible look and slims down your tummy  2 sizes in minutes covering  the shaping area in full. This unique  tummy trimmer can be excellent for any women who have bulging tummy due to delivery or any natural effect.

The Invisible Tummy Trimmer is a lightweight totally undisturbed giving you the feeling that nothing is worn, that fits around the chest of your body. It\'s developed to similarly distribute and contract  undesirable fat around your midsection  Because of the Invisible Tummy Trimmer\'s homogeneous size, it equally covers the chest area. That gives quite organic look. This amazing tummy trimmer also realigns your backbone for a sturdy and better posture, sharpens overall figure . After wearing this trimmer you will a good uplifted buttocks along with reducing the unwanted fat in the pelvic area. Apart from slimming your body it also gives you a sexy, old look by working overtime to slim your tummy.

Compared with other apparel that have obvious huge joints, the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is sleek so its invisible under thin knits, form fitting outfits. It\'s the best option if you need a sleek line. It`s a magic minimizer that`s assured to reduce your fat and  pounds lighter immediately, Whether you`re a small or a plus size. The Invisible Tummy Trimmer can create any figure look slimmer.

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Atul is an expert writer who mainly writes on Ardyss body magic shaper matters. In this article he is mainly explaining on Invisible tummy trimmer and has proved to be successful in doing so