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SUMMARY: This brand targets women with contemporary lifestyles. The line features feminine tops to go along with business suits for women. Fabrics such as lace, cotton, mesh, matte jersey, nylon and lycra are utilized in this brand’s apparel. The elegant tops are made from colorful and artful prints and are made in flattering styles. The bright prints include clouds, animals and flowers. The designs are appropriate for both daytime and evening wear. The label combines fashion, function and wearability. They are a fit for business women looking for sophisticated style. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Style Icon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Author: Tom Jessy

In 2012, Esquire Magazine named actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt as their Best Dressed Man and it\'s easy to understand why. Not only is Gordon-Levitt hot property in Hollywood, thanks to roles in Looper, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, he also manages to look stylish in real life.

But what can we really learn from Gordon-Levitt\'s style?

1. There is never a wrong time to wear an Italian Shirt. Unlike a lot of young male actors, Gordon-Levitt is very rarely snapped by the media wearing anything other than designer shirts, accompanied by fitted pants and jackets. His sophisticated taste for a luxury shirt is quite unique clothing for someone his age, but it\'s a look that he wears on both the red carpet and out on the street.

2. Make sure it fits. Gordon-Levitt\'s suits are always a perfect fit. Too tight would show off a little more than the imagination could handle, whilst too baggy would make him look fat, which - of course - he isn\'t.

3. Never to be afraid to experiment. Fashion shirts are becoming brighter, so take a leaf out of Gordon-Levitt\'s style guide and dare to try it. If you\'re feeling really brave, Gordon-Levitt is a huge fan of shaking up his outfit with plaid jackets and a variety of other patterns, fabrics and colors.

Try layering up a dress shirt with both a waistcoat and a jacket. It might seem old-fashioned, but this is a classic look that cannot go wrong. Perfect for weddings and red carpets.

4. Taking care of your outfit. Turning up in your best European clothing is all great, unless your shirt needs ironing and a thread has pulled on your pants leg. It doesn\'t take long to check your outfit out and to iron out any problem areas. You\'ll be glad you took those five minutes to do it.

5. Standing Tall. The secret to pulling off any outfit, whether you\'re wearing your best suit or simple summer shirts, is to wear them with confidence. The way to do this is by standing up straight. It sounds simple, but even if you\'re not feeling comfortable, it\'s the easiest way to blag it.

6. Investing in the Best. Okay, so we probably can\'t afford Gordon-Levitt\'s budget, but before you head out and buy even the smallest part of your suit like the double collar shirt, make sure that you are willing to invest in buying the best that you can afford to pay.



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