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SUMMARY: This designer came to prominence from his history with the great designer Coco Channel. His designs are high-priced, ready-to-wear designs that often make anyone wearing them famous. This is his trademark in the fashion world. He started working in couture as an assistant and eventually became a freelance designer. He likes light, fluid designs that move and has produced a line of perfumes with Elizabeth Arden. The designer himself is known for wearing dark sun glasses and a pony tail with his long white hair. Even today his best customers are those that enjoy the diverse ready-to-wear designs he has created. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Sarees - Soul Of Women

Author: srishti

Saree, a piece of unstitched cloth, draped around the body are the traditional dress of India. The originate point of Saree cannot be located as very few historical records are found. Women\'s have been using Saree as their dress code since tailored textile was discovered since the entire costume adds a charismatic and appealing look to the ladies when worn and therefore it is the soul of every Indian woman. Indian Saree is 5000 years old, made up especially for both men and women and probably it is the longest worn dress in the history. The superb designing done on Sarees fascinate and magnetizes women towards them.

Since the invention of Saree, the pattern of wearing it has changed to a great extent. These are drapes covering the entire body right from the neck to the feet\'s and it depends upon the style in which it has been worn as various styles of wearing Sarees have been discovered. Although so many dresses have originated, Saree is the only dress that has not lost its charm till now. It is the sole dress material of today\'s women; no doubt how many outfits are being worn by them.

A Saree exhibits the need of a modern woman with a traditional touch in her, maintaining the grace and style of a women\'s attire. Cotton Sarees are widely used by the ladies for its comfort and unique handcrafted designs. This piece of clothing is meant for daily wear and also for all the season and functions and can be worn at every age of women. The time has come when we can find designer Sarees for different occasion. Though the pattern and style have changed still the beauty and classiness of the attire is still the same. The outline and the blueprint of Sarees have a lot of difference with the older one. The materials and designs have changed and new stunning materials have been discovered and there are some befitting online stores available in the market providing you the opportunity to grab some of the most superlative Saree designs so as to captivate your look for almost every celebrated occasion.

Chiffon Sarees are another widely used material of Saree. Embed with striking beads, stones and laces, chiffon Sarees look gorgeous with bright and exclusive colors and its heavy designs make it the perfect outfit for parties and functions. Sarees made up of other materials like Georgette, Net, Silk, Kancheepuram, Crep, Kota gives a lovely and stunning look. This dress material is the most elegant and charming garment among the other materials worn by the women.

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