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SUMMARY: Ms. Walker, just setting out into adulthood in 1988 in her native New Zealand, then began her jump into fashion. Through hard work and a original style, you can find her women's clothing, sunglasses and jewelry not just in New Zealand any more but also available in many global cities including Tokyo, Sydney, LA, London and New York City. This fashion line is a hit among celebrities for it's upscale casual look. The unpretentious style makes it accessible to disparate groups of people. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Author: puja

If you thought that upon walking into a garments store you can only crave for more new dresses then you are wrong! A good lingerie section of a well stocked store can leave you craving to buy more and more of designer bras and bikinis.

If you were to look at the lingerie section careful you would realize that there are numerous styles in the bra as well. Padded bra, underwire bras, halter neck bras, demi cup bras etc.

The halter neck bra sells like hot cakes in the lingerie section these days. More and more girls are taking to wearing it.

For many youngsters the halter neck bra is a style statement and an expression of individuality. The knot behind the neck is in a way an assertion of their femininity. It\'s a mark that they are comfortable with their bodies and so they don\'t feel the need to hide their bra behind a dupatta while they wear it or the need to hide it underneath an innocent towel on the clothes line.

The halter neck bra doesn\'t just have esoteric importance like assertion of femininity and expression of individuality, it has material importance as well, it helps you keep your body in shape.

Girls with a heavy bosom should consider wearing the halter neck bra as it can help you keep your figure in shape. Also, those who foresee that their breast may sag should buy the halter neck bra with underwires. As these bras are tied at the back of the neck, they offer better support to the breasts. Both the pulled up knot and the underwire will keep the breasts in a position which will curtail breast sagging. As such bras extend full support to your bosom and can prevent breast sagging, it makes an excellent choice for girls and women with fuller breasts.

Is that to say that only girls with heavy bosoms should wear such bras? No, not at all! All those who are comfortable with this kind of a bra should wear it uninhibitedly!

Are those with small breasts thinking that a bra which pulls the breasts up, will make their bust look smaller? For those who have these doubts I suggest that you should consider halter neck padded bras.

The padding along the bra cup will help you enhance the perceived bust size and the halter neck will lend you the style.

Talking of style and fashion, the halter neck bra can compliment many a dresses and tops. Say a plain white top in chiffon or georgette can be teamed with a funky pink halter neck bra and a matching bikini. Such a combination will make a very good wear for sitting under an umbrella and sipping some cool drink on the beach. For the dip in the sea you can get rid of the top and you have your prefect bikini!

If going to a store and scanning the lingerie section is time consuming then buying the halter neck bra online can be a very good option for you. There are several website that sell bras of all shapes, sizes and designs online. You can compare styles and prices online and make a well researched buying decision. Many websites which sell lingerie allow you to browse through the web pages in a safe mood, which hides pictures and makes it safe for you to browse through the site even with people around you.

Without having to take out time for going shopping, you can shop at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or your office. The product will get delivered to our doorstep at a date and time specified by you, and then you can walk around in style!

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