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SUMMARY: This perfume was created by Gaye Straza Rappaport in 1999 to recreate the fragrance she loved when vacationing in the tropics as a child. Commercial products did not agree with her, so she set to create her own unique scent. The perfume has a very distinct tropical scent with a hint of gardenia. It comes in a roll on instead of a spray because it is oil-based, not alcohol-based, so, a little goes a long way. It is sold in exclusive boutiques and spas, such as Barney's New york and Spa Nordstrom or online at or and can also be browsed on Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Online Shopping For Ladies Clothes

Author: Country Collection Ltd

With the autumn season in its onset, most ladies are looking for that ladies knitwear shop that has a guarantee of providing quality clothes that can comfortably be used during the autumn season. There is one way of getting high quality ladies wear at affordable prices. This is the use of the online market. The online market offers one of the most effective ways of finding the specific type of ladies clothing that one is looking for. There is quite a variety of ladies\' shops that are available and are easily accessible.

The online market offers a convenient method of purchasing quality ladies clothing. There are no closing hours, characteristic of offline shops that are associated with the online ladies\' shops. You can browse for those attractive ladies polo shirts that attracted your attention during the course of your day at your free time. The relatively long length of available time for shopping will enable an online shopper to have an opportune time for quality decision making on the best type of wear that best suits her needs. There is therefore, a higher chance of identifying quality ladies wear in the use of online ladies\' shops.

Another great advantage with the use of these online shops is the wide variety of complimentary services that they offer to their clients. For a lady looking for ladies suits the online shops will avail a wide variety of suits including ladies leisure suits, walking shoes to compliment the ladies casual jackets. A client is provided with a comprehensive shopping experience. This comprehensive shopping experience is available to the individual at the comfort of her house.

Nothing can beat the convenience associated with the online shopping for ladies wear. Aside from the fact that an individual conducts her shopping from the comfort of her own home, there are also other advantages that are availed to her. Most online shops offer free delivery services to clients. For overseas buyers, the online shops provide subsidized shipping services to ensure that the shopping reaches them in the most appropriate span of time. This implies that the online client will get the ladies fleece jackets delivered to her doorstep.

There are quite a number of online shops that guarantee the acquisition of quality ladies wear. A simple action of typing the required ladies clothes on a popular search engine will reveal a variety of results at your disposal, this online market provides an efficient method for the purchase of autumn ladies wear.



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