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SUMMARY: Mr. Watanabe was licensed recently to design All-Star Converse shoes. After getting his start as a pattern maker for Comme des Garcons, he quickly moved up the ranks and established his own name brand line under the Comme des Garcons name. His high couture designs are fabricated out of unusual fabrics and textiles into exceptional and unimaginable designs. His clothing is avant garde in structure which creates that superb high fashion look. He also designs a line of handbags and shoes. His products can be purchased at Barneys New York, Commes des Garcons, IF, and Jeffrey New York and some of those retailers' prices can be compared on Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Wholesale Baby Stores For Clothing And Accessories For Your Lovely Infants And Kids

Author: Baby Planet

The baby specialty industry is gaining momentum day after day with; while wholesale stores and supermarket stores are dedicated to serve the needs of new expectant parents and longtime parents alike. These stores make every effort to provide the parents everything related to their kids under a single roof at reasonable prices. These stores pride themselves on the ability of offering you a variety of quality baby products at the lowest possible prices.

Find Wholesale Baby Store for the Best Products for Your Loving Kids

Parents, especially those who are getting this pleasure for the first time, nothing can be more important during weekend than shopping for the clothing, toys and other accessories for their lovebirds. Wholesale baby stores also keep the same concern in mind and provide them the best kids clothing, accessories and products. These stores have their online platforms as well that are specifically developed to make it easy for parents so that they can shop from the comfort of home.

Main philosophy of the leading wholesale baby stores is to endow you with the finest customer services possible along with offering the largest selection of quality merchandise at the best price they can offer.

These stores have in-house team of consultants, sales professionals and experts who keep them updated with all the latest products and accessories available in the market. They bring a convenient way to shop online and at the same time giving parents the expertise they have come to expect from these leading stores. With the convenient search tools, parents are sure to find the items you are looking for at the leading store. There are numerous acclaimed stores that offer the registry online option that means for parents who have a friend or family member who have a baby registry at selected stores can do shopping from registry online that bring numerous added benefits.

At a wholesale store, you will get product guide, baby gift ideas, baby shower planning advice, parenting resources and a lot more. In addition, safety 1st is the main concern and for that they guide you in different ways so that you can do the best care.

Leading stores make every effort to make your shopping experience simple and reliable by endowing with a large selection of quality baby products that you can rely on. Authorized and acclaimed wholesale baby stores offers a wide selection of baby products ranging from furniture to bottles, strollers, car seats, blankets, bibs, diaper bags, toys, and a lot more.

Choice is yours; it depends on your budget and requirement, you can buy products from all leadings brands that include Avent, Dr. Brown, Evenflo, Fisher Price, Gerber, Graco, Medela, Munchkin, Safety 1st, Summer Infant, The First Years and many more. Choose the right one or more according to your budget and requirement and place your order. So what you are waiting for, present something different and special to your lovebirds from a reputed and authorized wholesale baby store.

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