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SUMMARY: Mr. MacDonald is considered the king of glamour in the fashion world. The designer is known to love women and flashy clothing. Born in Wales, he is known for designing knitwear. With a BA in Fashion Textiles he began to try new designs in the knitwear industry. His show at the Royal Academy of Art in 1996 featured a knitwear collection that caught the attention of the press and the fashion world. In 1997 he created his own label and company. He is known for his sexy glamorous dresses and swimwear for the rich and famous that set the industry trends. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The Era of The Leather Blazer

Author: FactoryExtreme

By definition, a blazer is known as a lightweight jacket, often resembling a suit-coat. They are also known for their casual and semi casual demeanor as well as their perky looks. However, what\'s really catching the eyes of all those shopaholics out there is the leather blazer. With all the above mentioned characteristics, we also have to add the fact that it is made from leather, which says it all. These particular blazers are casual, perky but extremely fashionable at the same time. Why? Well, simply because of the material. Leather is now the most voguish material that the masses are opting for. So a blazer, being so convenient, will definitely be purchased if it\'s also being made from leather. And statistics show that they are. People now prefer investing in leather blazers, rather than normal blazers.

So what makes a leather blazer so popular and everyone\'s favorite outerwear? It\'s purely because of its simplicity. There is a saying, 'the simpler, the better' and this can definitely be applied to this particular attire. Because they are so simple, they tend to be extremely stylish. In today\'s era we have gradually been shifting from the gaudy and flamboyant attires, to the simpler and sophisticated ones. This is how fashion is being defined nowadays, through pure simplicity. Therefore, these blazers have been attracting both men and women because they are so fashionable in a very simple way. With straight and sleek cuts and subtle colors, they have become the ideal choice for everyone out there who adores the fashion world. They can even be accessorized with. One might think that a blazer is too simple for their taste, so a woman, especially, can jazz it up by wearing extensive jewelry. They are exceptionally versatile outfits.

If you are still not persuaded about how tremendous this particular outerwear is then you will definitely be convinced now. If you are the type to worry about how you\'ll pull of a particular outfit then your problems have now been solved. Due to a leather blazer being remarkably versatile, it can be worn with absolutely any piece of clothing you can think of. Usually, this problem is seen in all the ladies, where they are confused almost all the time as to what they should wear over their attire? A proper coat would look to dressy but then a jacket would look incredibly informal. Well the solution to this problem has been designed in the form of this blazer. They are casual but since they are also extremely fashionable they fall under the category of being formal. The same can be applied to all the men. They can wear it over their everyday jeans, but can also pull a leather blazer off at work over their formal pants and shirts.

Therefore, these arguments are pretty convincing for one to invest in such a brilliantly designed outfit.  They are readily available at any departmental store or outlet. All you have to do is go out there and look for the perfect one, according to your taste and style. Anyone who is already enjoying their blazer will tell you what you\'re missing out on. So don\'t miss out on your chance, grab your very own leather blazer right now. 

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