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SUMMARY: Ms. Brown creates her label from inspiration of Club MTV, a notorious Playboy spread, and crazy outfits. Her clothing changes this season with a fresh, new spring line full of brightly patterned dresses and tops that are playful and fun but also sophisticated and stylish. Each item is designed by Ms. Brown herself, so they are truly genuine, unique, and original.

The label features every style imaginable for any occasion. If you're having lunch with your in-laws, her flowing tunic dress with a paisley pattern is also perfect, it’s just short enough to show your legs but at the same time is long enough to please your man's family. Ms. Brown's gorgeous silk jersey dress has narrow straps with a full skirt and makes the perfect cocktail dress. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Things You Should Know Before You Purchase Your Eyeglasses

Author: Mike Copper

The first consideration that you need to make is whether the store you choose offers the convenience of fast service, cost effectiveness and reliability. It is important to check out the goods return policy of the store .This should be your back up plan in case the glasses fail to fit.


You need to consider the type of frames that you want. Frames are made from different materials with the most expensive being those made from Titanium and stainless steel. Suchframes do not easily corrode as a result of contact with the skin. You also need to consider the color of the frame. Your skin complexion should guide you on this. Another key factor when choosing frames is the shape of your face. If you have a square face then round or oval frames would be the best and rectangular or square frames fit best those with round faces. The most important consideration is the frame size. The details are usually engraved in the inner part of the frames. The numbers are written in a sequence to represent the eye,bridge and temple size respectively, for example 52-16-133.


The next thing to consider should be the type of lenses that you need. Determine your preference whether you need the lenses to have Ultra Violetprotection, anti reflector or scratch resistance. Lenses that have Crizol are recommended as these have the anti reflector and the scratch resistant material infused making them longer lasting.Still on frames you need to determine the type of lens based on thickness. This is mostly determined by your lifestyle. Here is a closer look:

  • Basic plastic- these are the most common type. They are strong and reliable.
  • Poly carbonate – these are recommended for people with active lifestyles especially sports. This is because they have a high impact resistance.
  • High Index 1.67 – these are extra thin and therefore light, sleek and fashionable. They are definitely more costly.


A key consideration should be the determination of you papillary distance or PD. This can be done at the local optician. Most online stores also offer easy to use step by step guidelines on how to determine your PD. The PD is crucial because your lenses are most effective at the optical center.


The next factor to consider is the prescription type. Do you simply need reading lenses? Are you looking forsingle vision lenses that are used either for distance or nearness? Do you need bifocals which have a clear demarcation for closeness and distance? Do you need progressive lenses that offer seamless transition from far sight to short sight?

Having considered all these factors, ensure that you fill in the request form carefully adding any other information that you deem necessary.

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The article is written by Mike Copper an expert and creative writer. She is an over conscious people who always search online before buying anything. She usually collects information from when she wishes to have eyeglasses.